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Where to Hang Your Neon Sign at Home

October 18, 2021 3 min read

A neon sign is a perfect addition to any home, but sometimes choosing where to display it can be a difficult decision! After all, a neon sign can quickly become a statement piece of art within the room, offering a unique feature to your home as well as light and colour. There’s no doubt you’ll want to get it right first time, and in many cases where you choose to hang your neon sign can have an influence on its design.

The team here at Neon Creations have created countless of neon signs for homes, bringing a welcoming glow into living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more. Let us help you!

Choosing a home for your neon sign

Where your neon sign is going to be placed can have an influence on its design, so it’s worth thinking about it before you buy one. Factors like the design, size, shape and type of backing can sometimes be determined by where it will be hung.

For instance, if you want to display your neon sign in a high traffic area like the hallway, you might want to take extra measures to protect the sign and prolong its life. This is typically done with an acrylic case or cover, to keep it out of reach of children’s curious hands or people brushing past it. 

It’s important to note that neon signs are not dangerous, but they are made from glass. If the gas discharge tube does become damaged while the sign is on, the electrical current will be cut off immediately.

Our backing options give you the choice of fixing your sign to the wall, hanging from a chain or cable, or even free standing on a flat surface. Consider this carefully depending on where you want to display it. Read our blog on how to choose the right backing for your sign.

Our neon signs are typically supplied ready to be plugged into a mains socket, so consider this when deciding where to hang your sign. Ideally it should be near a plug, but in some circumstances we can offer an extended mains lead if required.

Find your inspiration

Here are just some of the domestic neon signs we’ve created over the years, showcasing all the different places within your home that could benefit from a pop of neon!

Neon sign for the living room

heart neon sign in living room

This beautiful retro heart design adds the perfect finishing touch to a cosy living room, whether you live in a flat or house. The light looks even better against the exposed brick wall, bringing some extra warmth to the space. It also provides an alternative to a traditional light fitting!

Neon sign for a fun bar area

If you’ve got a quirky addition to your home, like this brilliant bar area, why not decorate it with the perfect neon sign? Make friends and family alike feel like they’ve gone down to the local pub without leaving your home! The pop of red and script writing works perfectly with the pendant lights and wine rack, resulting in an eye-catching effect. Find out more about our neon bar signs.

Neon sign for a home office

With many of you now working from home, it’s important to have the right space to feel focused and energised. This neon sign adds a perfect pop of colour against the neutral backdrop, providing a motivational and inspirational quote to keep you going through the working day.

Neon sign for a kitchen


Most kitchens are full of cupboards and appliances which doesn’t always leave a lot of empty space for decoration. However, if you’ve got a free bit of wall space above a shelf, it’s the perfect home for a neon sign. Choosing a neon sign with no backing can help you to maximise the space, with just the question everyone wants to hear when they pop round!

Neon sign for a reading room

Image credit: @squid_and_goose (Instagram)

Lucky enough to have a snug or a reading room in your home? Make the most of it with a perfectly matching neon sign, hung beautifully against a patterned wallpaper. This sign helps to creates a relaxing and luxurious corner of your home, just as if you were in the library of a fancy hotel! 

For more help on finding the perfect neon sign and where to hang it in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch.