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How to Choose the Right Backing for Your Neon Sign

December 01, 2021 3 min read

The backing you choose for your neon sign can really make a difference to the overall appearance, so consider it carefully when you’re designing your own neon sign. Our team have experience in working with a great choice of backing options, adding that finishing touch to a variety of designs. 

Whether you’re hoping to protect your neon sign from passers-by or add some creative flair to your chosen sign, here are some top tips when it comes to choosing your backing.

Do you need your neon sign fully encased?

If you’re hoping to place your neon sign in a busy area or in reach of people, you might wish to have it fully encased. This is helpful for places such as shops, bars and events, where neon signs might benefit from some extra protection.

If you would prefer to have your neon sign fully enclosed, your best backing option is an acrylic case. Typically a case will consist of a clear, black or white back but we do have additional colours and finishes on request. Our acrylic cases give a traditional look to your neon sign and can be fixed to the wall, suspended or even free stand on a flat surface.


Do you want the neon tubes exposed?

In many cases, having the neon tubes exposed can bring a retro feel to the design. If this sounds like something you’d like, we can offer acrylic panels that can leave the tubes exposed but still allow you to hang or fix the neon to the wall.

The most popular choices are clear, black and white but there are others if you prefer. We usually use 10mm thick acrylic to make sure the backing is robust enough for your sign.

Do you want to hide the cables? 

Our neon signs are supplied with a transformer and are ready to plug into a mains socket. If you don’t want wish to see the cables or transformer when your neon sign is hung in place, you might want to consider an acrylic case in a block colour. This typically involves a case in black or white with an option for a clear cover if required. 

An acrylic case in one colour can hide the transformer and cables within the case, while the neon tubes sit in front of the case for a striking contrast.

Is your design a complicated one?

If your desired neon sign design has complex detail that might be difficult to complete in neon, there are additional options available for you. Sometimes logos or other similar designs can have small, detailed elements that are tricky to replicate, but in these cases we can offer vinyl to fill in any gaps.

While the vinyl itself isn’t illuminated, it looks great against the glow of the neon tubes to create a unique piece. Typically neon with vinyl signs are used with an acrylic case or acrylic panel backing.

Does your neon sign need a real wow factor? 

This is a silly question – of course you’d like a wow factor with your neon sign! All of our backings are designed to help the neon sign glow and stand out, no matter where you place it, but we can also offer a range of more unique backings for that extra touch.

Printed backgrounds are very popular, along with wooden panels and artificial foliage backings too. This gives you the chance to turn your neon sign into something truly unique, whether it’s for your home or business. Just ask us about the different styles we can offer and we’ll be happy to help.