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Your Neon Gift Guide for Christmas

September 30, 2021 3 min read

Are you starting to think about Christmas and wondering what to get your friends and loved ones as a gift this year? We know how difficult it can be to think of unique gift ideas each year. At Neon Creations we’ve been thinking ahead of time, planning a Christmas Gift Guide to help you get started! Check it out for some inspiration for the festive season.


Neon sign making workshop

Gift your loved one an experience they will never forget with a neon sign making workshop. This is a great experience which allows one to one tuition from a member of our team who is an experienced neon glass bender. Allowing 2 participants per workshop to learn all there is to know about neon, the history of Neon Creations and beginning the process for designing their very own neon sign. 

All final pieces will be completed by a member of our team, mounting it onto a white acrylic panel, which participants will then be able to take home and hang at home! This is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who has everything, providing an experience for them to learn a new skill and get creative.

Give the gift of neon 

Light up the festive season by gifting your friend or family member with a unique neon sign. Using our neon sign builder, you can create a neon sign which is personal to any individual. With a range of design options, you could surprise your loved one with a neon sign which spells out their name, favourite film or tv quote, or a unique family saying.

Personalised gifts are becoming more and more popular each year. What’s more special than being a part of the design process to create a neon sign, personalised to your loved one? Our neon sign builder can be used to generate a design in a range of different neon colours, including bright blues and pinks, as well as warm and standard white. To complete your personalised neon sign, choose from a range of backings. Once you’ve received your very own neon creation watch as your loved one’s faces light up with joy at their new personalised piece of neon art! Find out more about our personalised neon signs.

A wide range of neon signs ready to buy

At Neon Creations we are continuously creating new and unique pieces of neon art using our neon skills in creative ways. We love designing pieces to excite a range of contemporary art lovers. For the art lover in your life, why not take a browse through a range of our ready to buy neon creations, making the perfect gift for Christmas this year. For more information about our prices, check out our handy price guide.

If you’re not sure what neon sign your recipient would prefer, why not opt for a gift card and give them the freedom to choose their favourite?

Buying neon couldn’t be simpler   

The entire process couldn’t be any simpler when buying neon from Neon Creations. All our signs will be delivered ready to hang or mount onto the wall. The sign will only require being plugged into a 240v mains socket to light up your new creation.

For further information about the design process and for any help from our team when designing a unique neon gift for Christmas, please do not hesitate to get in touch.