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Advertise Your Business with a Real Neon Sign

November 08, 2021 3 min read

Neon is an incredibly effective and unique way to advertise your business, particularly when it comes to bars and restaurants, shops, offices, gyms and more. In the middle of a bustling city centre or high street, a neon sign hanging in the window or at the entrance to your business could make all the difference. Find out more about neon bar signs and neon shop signs.

There is still a lot of misconception out there about neon signs, and it can be quite off-putting if you don’t know the truth! A lot of websites are claiming that neon signs are dangerous and inefficient, which might make a business owner like you hesitate about investing in one. At Neon Creations, we have the facts to put your mind at rest. 

Buying genuine neon 

It’s important to know exactly what you’re buying, and there are many brands out there claiming to sell something known as ‘LED neon’. Unfortunately this simply doesn’t exist, and what they’re actually selling is a sign made from LED lights. 

Our genuine neon signs are created by hand, filling glass tubes with harmless neon or argon gas to create that wonderful glow of colour and light. LED signs are made with completely different materials and technology, and it can be very misleading.

If you’re hoping to buy a neon sign for your business, there are so many brilliant designs and uses to consider, and they are completely safe.

Choosing a neon sign for your business 

Neon signs can be used to replicate your branding, logo, business name and more, giving you the perfect opportunity to add some fun and personality to your premises. Our neon signs are created by hand in our UK workshop, heating the glass tubing so it can be bent into the right shape.

After a few extra technical steps, the tubes are pumped with either neon or argon gas, depending on your colour of choice. The sign is then assembled together by hand.

Should the glass tubes break at any point while its hung up in your place of work, the electrical current is cut off immediately to ensure your safety! So long as your neon sign is placed somewhere with enough space around it, or it’s housed in a protective acrylic case, there should be little likelihood of breakages.

Neon signs have been known to last for years, so if you’re hoping for a window display that stands the test of time, you can’t go wrong. We have signs that have been turned on every day since 2005 and they still shine as if they were brand new! Here are some of the benefits of using neon signs for business.

If you’re worried about increasing the running costs of your premises, it’s helpful to remember that neon signs cost no more to run than average household lights. As an example, a 100 Watt bulb will run for up to 10 hours to use 1kWh of consumption, which is the equivalent of approximately 17p. So, if you kept your neon sign on for 10 hours per day, it would cost around £62 per year. To make it even better, most neon signs run at around 60 Watts.

Examples of great neon signs for businesses 

Here are just some of the neon signs for businesses that we’ve created over the years, to get you started with some great inspiration!