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Walking in a Neon Wonderland…

November 17, 2015 3 min read

Christmas is almost upon us, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year, made that bit better (and brighter) with the magic of neon. We’re here to take you through a neon wonderland, showing you the best ways to use colour at this festive time of year and to show you some of our favourite Christmas Neon Creations.

If you can’t have neon at Christmas, then when can you? The human eye is naturally drawn to light, and at Neon Creations we live by this rule. Why not add a splash of neon to your decorations around the home or office, utilise neon signs in a window display or create personalised gifts for your loved ones? Find out more about our personalised neon signs and neon Christmas gifts.


A simple way to achieve a different look this Christmas is by adding subtle hints of neon. Have fun with your decorations, ditch the red and green and modernise your display with a bit of imagination and added personality.

A dash of neon can give your Christmas display a bit of brightness on a dull winter day, but just in case you’re thinking we want you to deck your whole house in neon baubles, tinsel, the works… we don’t (unless you really do love neon as much as us!). Subtle pieces, like these neon stag’s heads below, or the reindeer on the mantelpiece and brighter baubles on the tree work to incorporate neon into your Christmas this year.

Personalised Presents

A personalised neon gift is a great stocking filler or main present for one of your family, friends or loved one. Whether it is a quote in neon lights or some bespoke neon art or just a gift that has a bit of an added touch of customisation. Find out more about custom-made neon signs.

It doesn’t just have to be the actual gift that incorporates neon either, these present sacks are a great addition to put under the tree or hang at the end of your bed ready for presents on Christmas Day, the personalisation of the product makes it a great addition to gift receiving this Christmas.

You could also add a bit of colour to your gifts with a bit of neon on your wrapping paper, Christmas gift bags or even just a subtle touch of neon on the ribbon or tags.

You can’t get much more festive at Christmas then some brown wrapping paper with candy cane trimmings, but why not go for something different with neon polka dots or a gift bag with a neon winter wonderland.

Bespoke Signs

Neon signs work great as a Christmas present, or as an addition to a display in a retail environment. We have been to commission some special Neon Creations over the past few years for Christmas presents, below are just a few of our favourites!

‘Baby it’s cold outside…’ – This piece was commissioned for a store and was designed to entice customers from the cold weather outside to the warmth of the shop inside. We think they might have had a few problems with getting people out of the store after having this fitted!

We think this one worked great as an outdoor piece in a bid to win the neighbourhood outdoor Christmas lights.

These are our latest Christmas Neon Creations we’ve been working on for 2015, we think they are perfect for standing on a table, desk or shelf to add a bit of neon into your Christmas! Contact us for all of your neon lighting needs.