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Neon Christmas Gifts

January 25, 2010 1 min read

We have been developing some new product ideas for a while now, and have now produced our first neon mirror box.

This is a totally unique product and would make an ideal gift. It can be personalised with names, with a favourite quotation, or with an image or logo.

The box is made from mirror finish acrylic, with a neon glow on the wall behind the box.

On this particular example we have used light purple neon, but any colour could be chosen to fit best with the colour of the wall that the mirror box will hang on.

Similarly, the font style and wording used here are just to show an example of the concept of the mirror box. Any font or wording can be chosen, although there would be certain fonts that would work better than others.

The mirror boxes are powered with a low voltage transformer, which means that they can actually be wired into the mains electricity and operated via a light switch, without the need for an external fireman’s switch.

Prices for the mirror boxes start from £290 +VAT, and the price varies according to the complexity of the etching, and the colour of the neon behind the box. This is based on an overall size of 500mm x 400mm x 40mm.

Other sizes can be available for an additional cost. Contact us for all bespoke neon signs.