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Missguided Neon Creations

November 23, 2015 2 min read

Unfortunately, we don’t mean Neon Creations that were given poor directions and lost their way… We’re talking about the neon designs created for Manchester-based fashion brand, Missguided.

This pink neon sign above was the first piece we were asked to commission for Missguided in 2012, and after witnessing huge growth over the past few years the fashion brand has been constantly seeking to make a statement in the industry.

Fast forward to April this year, we were contacted directly by the team to create a similar scripted neon sign, this time in white neon, as they begin a move from online based fast fashion retail in to bricks and mortar stores; pop up concession stands are opening at Selfridges stores at different locations in Manchester and London.

Missguided HQ

A growing fashion brand needs an office that makes a statement, and that is certainly what they have now following their move to a four-storey glass building with stunning views at Trafford Park in Manchester.

Working closely with Atul from Sheila Bird interior designers, we were asked to bring designs to life in neon to help create a space that incorporates fun into the working day. Their offices include a completely pink meeting room with a ‘HUSTLE’ neon sign, swings, sleep pods and even a selfie tunnel with a neon flamingo at the end.

Missguided’s new HQ was designed to enable the 210+ strong team to think of great ideas and well, you can read the sign below…

They also deserved more than just your average carpeted flooring, this meant three of the neon signs we created for their new office were designed to be incorporated into the flooring of the offices with hardened glass over the top, so they can be walked across, including the Dollar Globe sign, the peace sign and a clothes hanger.

We really enjoyed working with Sheila Bird and Missguided and look forward to continuing our working relationship with both businesses; the new HQ looks fantastic and we’re over the moon that the Missguided Neon Creations fit in perfectly to add something a bit different to their day to day working life.

Have an exclusive peek behind the scenes at Missguided’s new HQ and see their reaction to the cool new space!