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I Propose a Neon Wedding Sign!

January 26, 2015 4 min read

With Valentine’s day fast-approaching we deemed it necessary to expand on a previous article to delve into your options for a neon wedding, as many people simply assume the only place they can be used is to advertise a bar or club. However, neon signs possess a tranquil versatility that can be used to announce any important event from birthdays to births, so what better way to celebrate one of the most important moments in your life than by telling the world with a neon sign that you’re getting married – or even using one to propose with in the first place! What’s more, since neon signs last a lifetime, it can serve as a constant reminder of the love shared with one, so they aren't just a wedding accessory!

Forever and…

“Will you…” use neon?

Getting engaged is no longer about simply asking your loved one if they’ll be willing to spend the rest of their life with you. Nowadays, the pressure is on to find the most romantic way to say “Will you marry me”, as if the traditional method is now just nostalgia for the archaic. So in current trends, if you’re not a particularly imaginative person then it’s likely that your future spouse will remember the moment with some embarrassment, rather than pride. However, popping the question in your own personal and unique way is something they’re likely to remember forever, and broadcast your efforts to the world informing them that you’ll soon be getting wed.

When it comes to choosing a neon sign for a proposal, it’s possible to incorporate some great symbols into the sign. A glowing red heart will certainly be a great sign to propose next to, and the photos you can take will get everyone thinking you’re the most romantic person around.

Why not use neon to declare your…

Alternatively, why not show your loved one that your heart belongs to them before getting down on one knee to ask that all important question. There are a variety of options out there for your proposal sign and you could even go for something that is meaningful to just you two and no one else!

Four weddings and a neon sign

When it comes to getting married, many couples want to emulate some of their celebrity idols, and having a Las Vegas themed wedding is becoming increasingly popular. When decorating the wedding venue, why not consider having a Las Vegas style neon sign, depicting your names entwined, or perhaps you could think about having both your names or faces in lights, making you feel like a celebrity for the day – after all, it is your wedding! Find out more about neon wedding signs.

Or perhaps you’d prefer…

Of course there are so many different symbols you could choose for on your neon wedding signs, such as turtle doves, rings, hearts or wedding bells; or if you’re a little bit quirky, you could opt for a sign depicting your favourite animal, a cocktail or something completely different.

Whatever you choose for your neon wedding sign, we’re absolutely certain that it’ll be…

But, what about after the Wedding Ceremo-neon?

Well, it’s not only wedding ceremonies that can benefit from neon. When it comes to receptions, using a neon sign is definitely an option worth considering and is sure to give your guests something to remember you by. There are many different ways to incorporate neon into your reception décor, from having your names entwined in a neon display, or simply having “just married” pinned up on the wall to light your reception venue. If you’re wedding has a theme, neon can fit so well with many, from a cocktail themed wedding, to a Vegas or casino style.

Another idea could be to incorporate a 70’s theme for your reception, having everyone boogie the night away with neon hearts and signs to give off an authentic 70’s vibe. Again, there are many different designs you could go for, opting for either a neon sign that fits with the 70’s, or one that fits with your wedding, such as your initials entwined in a heart. However, we’re not ones for exclusivity, especially if you actually preferred a more recent decade…

Who didn’t?!

Of course, if you’re more of a romantic, there’s no reason neon can’t be a part of the most genteel of receptions. In fact, done and tastefully, neon wedding signs are a real eye catcher. They’re certainly something your wedding guests will remember, as it makes for a real talking point, and will be likely to ask where they can get one too. Find out how to choose the perfect wedding neon sign.

In short, neon wedding signs provide a delightfully fresh and personal approach to proposals, wedding venues and receptions. You could even keep your neon wedding sign from the proposal through the wedding and onto the reception, as an enduring part of all of the important dates that mark the overall ceremony. Plus, it will serve as a lifelong memento to keep even after you are wed and bring happy memories to mind whenever you see it on your wall. If you’re thinking of have a Neon Creation as part of your proposal, why not give us a call with your ideas – however unique they seem – and we’ll help you to plan a sign that will truly add a little something special to your wedding. You could even look into hiring a wedding neon sign.