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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Neon Sign

August 26, 2019 2 min read

Wedding season used to be during the summer months, but it’s now something that seems to last most of the year, with couples choosing to get married throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter. While no two weddings are the same, there are certainly some decorative elements that have become popular across all different themes of weddings. You may have already guessed which element we’re going to help you decide on… a wedding neon sign!

Neon signs for weddings are a unique choice for your big day. They give you the chance to put your own stamp on whatever venue you are getting married in. The only problem you have is what type of design to choose!

Quotes and phrases

Some of the most popular wedding signs denote your new titles as Mr & Mrs, or ‘The Happy Couple’. This simple but effective design can provide the perfect backdrop to the top table or the dancefloor.

Wedding-related quotes and phrases are universal, and will suit any theme or type of wedding. This makes it so much easier to incorporate a wedding neon sign into your big day.

Signs like the two pictured here are available for hire from us, making it an affordable way to decorate your wedding venue.

Of course, you may want to create a personalised design for your wedding neon. This could include anything from your names to a special phrase that means something to you both.

Symbols or icons

Perhaps you would rather have a symbol instead of wording for your wedding neon sign. Often there can be so much going on in the room that a simple motif is the perfect addition to the décor.

Whether it’s a traditional love heart to light up the dancefloor, or you’re looking for something a little more tailored to you and your other half, we can help. You may even want to use your wedding neon sign to highlight another area of the venue, such as the bar or the band; the options are endless!

Neon artwork

You can choose something entirely unique to suit your wedding day, such as a printed neon design. This incorporates a contemporary background with the colourful input of neon, working together to create a different effect than neon on its own.

You can choose your own background or opt for one already created!

If you buy your own custom printed neon sign created to hang in your wedding venue, you have the extra bonus of being able to take it home as a keepsake. It could look perfect hung in any room of your home, as a reminder of the day.

Choosing the right colour of neon

While many wedding neon signs often seem to be created in red or pink, there’s no rulebook! Consider the colour scheme of your wedding and have your sign match or contrast, depending on your preferences.

We can offer a wide range of neon colours for you to choose from to suit your style and the venue. This includes a whole rainbow of shades, helping you to create the perfect neon effect that you’ve been looking for.

When you’re ready to talk wedding neon, we’ll be right here waiting for you to get in touch!