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Why Neon Signs Are The Perfect Wedding Accessory 

April 26, 2022 2 min read

With wedding season coming up, you may be putting your final ideas together, or just starting your wedding plans! At Neon Creations, we know that planning a wedding and organising all the decor is no easy task. If you’re planning your big day, you may be on the lookout for that perfect centrepiece that will draw your theme together. 

Look no further than our high quality neon signs


Design Your Own Centrepiece

When it comes to your wedding, we know everything needs to be absolutely perfect. We know not everything on your wedding day can be completely controlled, but there are some things that you definitely can. The decor at your wedding is no exception. Creating your own eye catching neon light centrepiece is a sure fire way to achieve that wow factor.

We offer a design your own neon creation workshop, meaning you can bring your perfect neon sign to life for your wedding day. 

What better way to commemorate your marriage than by taking home a stunning memento of your big day? 

Create The Perfect Atmosphere

When it comes to your wedding, you may have a theme in mind or are wanting to go for a certain look. A unique way to set the right tone to your day is to create your own focal point. With neon lights you can set the mood for your guests. If you’re having a big white wedding, a white neon light with your name may be the dazzling finishing touch you need! 

Neon lights are very versatile, we can shape them to spell out a special name, lyric, or phrase that means something to you and your partner. 

Iconic Photo Point For You And Your Guests

An eye catching neon sign for your wedding is guaranteed to make your wedding photos stand out. A neon sign gives your guests a designated photo spot for their pictures that they’ll remember. 

Not to mention the stunning photos your wedding photographer will capture on the big day!

Hire A Sign For Your Big Day

If you’d love a neon sign for your wedding but don’t want to commit to purchasing one for life, we have another option for you. Why not hire out a neon sign for the day?

We have plenty of gorgeous neon wedding signs that you can pick out. If you have any questions about hiring, buying, or designing a neon sign then contact us today. We’d be happy to help.