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Hire Safe, Hire Neon

January 09, 2015 3 min read

As a business, it stands to reason that you’re going to want to attract the attention of potential customers. As such, you’ll probably flutter between a variety of advertising techniques over time, but the success and failure of any method solely relies on whether it engages with its intended audience.

In 21st Century advertising, this is an integral component of any marketing strategy and many traditional advertisements, such as billboards and adverts, may now seem a little outdated and bland. However, with the rising popularity of neon sign upon us once more, as an industry that may have lay relatively dormant for several decades since its major commercialisation in the 40’s (and subsequent re-emergence in the 70’s), neon is back to the future with a BANG.

Getting Your Business Noticed

You may be asking yourself, “But what benefit will this have to my business?”. Well, for starters, who’s really going to miss a glaring neon sign? Anyone that comes within at least a 10m radius of it will become awed by its dazzling fluorescence, but although its easy enough to notice, will it ultimately convert viewers into customers?

Put simply, yes. A neon sign represents your brands image and will attract people’s attentions. However, the most important part is subliminal, as the association between your brands image, services and advertising style has just been established within the viewers mind.

So, the next time the viewer wants a nice cold… 

…they’ll know exactly where to go…

Permanent or Temporary?

Although neon signs are great for displaying permanently on your business premises, they’re more than useful as a temporary measure too and can be much more cost-effective. If you’re attending a local event or a business exhibition, then you’re going to want to stand out from the sea of competition. A neon hire sign strategically placed in a location with high footfall will display your brand in front of a larger audience, offering a captivating attraction that’s sure to capture even the most vivid of imaginations. Find out more about our neon signs for hire.

Not only that, but for brands that are already recognised by the general public that regularly franchise at festivals, hiring a neon sign could prove to be an extremely attractive proposition. Furthermore, due to the bespoke nature of neon signage, there is always going to be something that suits you and your brands identity. Read more about our custom-made neon signs.

Hiring Neon Signs For Events

Of course, it isn’t just shops and business premises that neon signs are useful for providing a truly memorable experience. Neon sign hire is a perfect temporary measure for a wide range of different events such as weddings, birthdays, festivals etc.

Whilst immediately catching people’s eyes, it’s sure to add a personal touch that’ll set your event apart from the rest. Plus, with the added bonus that these are bright and easily seen, so they’re great for directing people to where they need to go.

“I’m sorry, but where’s the…”

Or perhaps you’re looking for a really special way of wishing someone…

Or something to complement the rest of your festive illuminations…

Or simply just to ask your guests to ‘enjoy their meal’…

…pardon my French…

Most neon signs that you hire will come with acrylic boxes, housing the neon tubes, and simply needs to be plugged into a mains socket to radiate its scintillating glow. Not only is it easy to set-up and operate, but the casing around the tubes means that it is safe to display both inside and sometimes outside. Read our blog on neon sign safety.

So if you’re looking for neon sign hire whatever the event, then you can rest assured that a Neon Creation is sure to enthral your guests and provide them with a long-lasting experience. Feel free to contact our friendly team.