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Neon vs LED: Why Neon Will Always Triumph

September 27, 2016 3 min read

Whether it’s a sign for a business, for domestic use or for something else altogether –  we love designing and creating our Neon Creations’, but now there are two light sources on the market and we’re facing an argument frequently with many people asking whether it’s viable to choose an LED sign over a Neon…

Neon has been a leading light source for decades; however, with recent advancements in LED technology, it is now being challenged, with many people struggling to decide which one they should choose when it comes to delivering the perfect sign, here we run through a few things you should consider when you are contemplating neon vs LED.

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Those that argue LED is a better light form for signs often rely on the energy efficiency of the light source and fall back on how LED will last much longer than neon. Whilst there are some elements of truth in this, neon is a viable light source that stands the test of time, and as with anything LED has its issues and can experience a whole host of problems throughout its lifetime, leading to the dimming of the lights etc.

LED is commonly known as a directional light source, which means that the light produced is directed forward, the lights are created of different modules, and if one of these fails it is notoriously difficult to repair as the whole sign will need to be taken apart to repair it.

You should always watch out for the neon suppliers who aren’t working with the correct materials. Everything we design and create is done in house, so you can be sure that when you invest in a Neon Creation, it’s the real deal!


Neon is the traditional and time-proven source that most people will always come back to. Having been passionate about neon for over 25 years, here at Neon Creations, we understand the hard work that goes into the little details of each neon sign that we create. It’s a labour of love, and we have undoubtedly seen an increase in enquiries over the past few years as the trend becomes more and more popular. It’s undoubtedly in fashion right now, having had a resurgence and lost the bad reputation from its red light district days.

Many of the Neon Creations’ we make are encased, and since neon is a 360-degree light source, this can be shown off and used to its full potential. The bright lights can be used inside and outside, are simple to maintain. The longevity of your light will depend on a number of factors, one of these will be how it is maintained!

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Why Neon Will Always Triumph…

Neon vs LED is an age old argument that comes down to a few things, and one of those is always going to be personal preference. But when it comes down to the energy efficiency and in particular, safety, of each light form, there isn’t much difference between the two. Neon is created in a safe environment and encased in tubing and in most cases acrylic casing, this ensures that it is safe to display almost anywhere. Read more about our tips for installing your neon sign.

*Disclaimer: this will depend on the type of sign you commission and our advice upon receipt of the sign.

It can’t be argued that one of the most popular reasons for sticking with an authentic neon sign is the aesthetic reasons. Neon has a distinctive look, and no matter how hard LED tries to mirror it, it can’t match up to the look and design of a neon sign, and this will often fall back on the fact that neon can omit its light 360 degrees, giving you so much potential for your design!

So whether you are looking to commission a piece for your home, business, or something unique like these featured below, contact Neon Creations today and we can begin your neon journey.

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