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Cleaning Your Neon Creation!

August 26, 2016 2 min read

One of the most popular questions we get asked here at Neon Creations is about taking care of our Neon Creations and how they can be cleaned. We thought we’d put this helpful guide together to show you the do’s and dont’s of cleaning your Neon Creation!

If you take care of your neon sign, it has the potential to last for well over a decade, without dimming and becoming dull. Whether your Neon Creation has been commissioned to be part of your business signage, interior design or even it is a domestic piece just to brighten up your home, make sure you clean your neon sign regularly to prevent a build-up of dust, dirt and other grime that could damage the tubes and casing!

The placement and cleaning of your neon sign will play a huge part in the efficiency of how long it will last, and here at Neon Creations we want you to get the most out of your sign – here we run through how to you can take care of your Neon Creation!

If your neon sign is in a public space, it’s important that it is well out of reach of people, much like the one in this example below.

Cleaning Your Neon

Before commencing any kind of cleaning on your neon sign you need to make sure you switch it off and remove any connections to power.  Generally speaking, the sign does not need switching off regularly, as this will wear out the neon transformer faster so although it might seem counterintuitive to not switch off your neon sign, it’s actually much more beneficial for the longevity of the sign.

Removing dust from your neon sign couldn’t be easier too, simply remove the sign from its wall fixings or hanging chains and lay it on a flat surface with the tubes facing upwards. The sign can then be wiped down with a dry duster or microfiber cloth.

Don’t Use Domestic/Commercial Cleaning Products

Think! Standard cleaning products that you may use around your house or business cannot be used to clean the sign as they may damage the acrylic backing, casing and tubes. If necessary, stubborn stains can be wiped down using a damp cloth, but it is important to allow the neon tubes and casing to dry fully before switching the sign back on otherwise you could risk damaging the sign beyond repair!

It’s important to note that you should NEVER use ammonia on your neon sign!

Hopefully, we’ve given you a bit of insight into how easy it is to clean your Neon Creation, taking care of your neon sign will ensure its longevity and help you get the most out of it! Contact us for all of your neon lights.