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How To Work Domestic Neon into Your Décor!

September 09, 2016 2 min read

Working in the neon industry we’ve come to learn a few things, and one of those is that whilst neon has definitely had its resurgence and has become much more popular – it’s still very much a marmite subject, you either love it or hate it! At Neon Creations, we are obviously very big fans of it, and recently we’ve undertaken quite a few domestic projects for people looking for a bit of light in their life!

How can you work neon into your home décor? We’re here to show you a few of the latest projects we’ve undertaken and give you some inspiration on how you can work neon into your home décor…

This domestic neon sign was created to bring some light into the dining room, situated above the window and simply stating “Hello Sunshine”, it’s a great way to bring some light into the home on days when the Great British weather acts up!

Domestic Neon Signs

Whilst we’re used to creating neon signs for bars and restaurants all over the country, one of the things that we also undertake is domestic Neon Creations, and these are some of our favourite to create as they often mean something quite personal to the clients that we work closely with.

What was once most popular in man caves is now becoming much more popular in main rooms in the house, including the bedroom, living room and dining room.

We absolutely love the idea of this one to enhance your dining room, this one is from Lauren Conrad’s collection, and this shows just how popular neon signs are becoming. With one of the most popular forms being quotes that once might have been displayed in a simple print form, being brought to life in the form of neon.

Another famous name that you might recognise who has embraced the neon trend into their home is Elton John, this quote above the bed is displayed at his home (see image below).

Below are a few signs that we have created for domestic clients…

When you are looking to create your own space in your home it’s important to let visitors know exactly what it is, such as this ‘Tony’s Hot Tub Club’ sign we created!

This hummingbird design on a wooden panel is something a bit different, a lot of our signs are created with acrylic casing but we have seen the popularity in these backed ones rise! 

The ‘Aloha’ domestic neon sign in the image above it the perfect way to welcome people into your home!

If you would like to commission a domestic Neon Creation contact us today to get started!