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How Neon Has Become a Popular Trend Today!

October 04, 2016 2 min read

What do you think of when you think of a neon sign? For many people, it’s easy to still think of it simply as something that lights up downtown areas, with the flashing motel signs as well as the sex shops and the red light industry. But this use of neon signage has died off a little, and in its place we are finding the use of our Neon Creations’ to be much more creative, with much more thought behind each sign and the use of them being much more than just simply advertising.

You might have noticed neon being used in other areas too, the bright colours of neon were spotted at fashion week in London and New York recently, with it becoming a much more popular trend than anticipated.

A Brief History of Neon…

Neon has evolved over the past 150 years from laboratory experiments in the second half of the 19th century to an industry that lights up towns and cities from London to Las Vegas, today it even lights up our homes and signs appear at special events.

Once upon a time neon signs were largely associated with cities’ rundown areas, but these days’ architects, musicians, artists and businesses are utilising the potential of neon signs to create distinctive art pieces that are used in a variety of ways. Neon has found itself very much back in the spotlight, it’s popular with a number of big names, including the Beckhams’ and Elton John, as well as being used in more ways than ever before.

Recently, we completed a neon sign for electronic band, Halem – their Neon Creation is used for their promotional merchandise and on stage, featured in the artwork for their debut single! We have also been working on a number of domestic neon signs, you can read more about how neon can work in your interior here.

Why Choose Neon?

A neon sign is a different way to show a bit of creativity and depending on the sign that you choose and where it is going to be displayed it can add light, and certainly a bit of colour, to a room, outside of a building or space. Neon in interior design is mixed with other styles to create something that is unique to the owner, whether that is a minimalist, modern approach or it is combined with vintage furniture to create a juxtaposition, you can’t argue that neon is back in fashion and is here to stay. We’re seeing it being used in advertising as signage, as well as being used in many domestic ways too.

If you are looking to commission your own Neon Creation, contact us today!