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The Benefits of Using Neon Signs for Business

June 20, 2018 3 min read

Neon signs are a popular way of enhancing your interior design, whether it’s in the home or in the workplace. Recently, there has been a surge in the use of neon for business, with companies looking for alternative ways to make their commercial space look more inviting and interesting. With their retro appearance emitting a cool vibe no matter what space they’re in, neon signs are a statement piece that really make an impact.

While many people opt to include a neon sign for their one-off event or to have above a bar, it’s often forgotten than neon can be used in the corporate world too. Not only does it create a visual effect, it can actually have some benefits for the business too. Find out more about our neon shop signs and neon bar signs.

Making a prominent comeback in recent years, neon fell out of favour in the 1980s and 1990s but have since returned to enhance homes and workplaces in a unique way. With this in mind, more businesses than ever are starting to understand how to use it to their advantage in the workplace. So, if you’re wondering what impact neon could have in your business, here are just a few of the benefits.

Business who can use neon signs to their advantage

There are multiple different types of workplaces that could benefit from implementing a neon sign. One of the most obvious places of business is the office; a mostly mundane environment full of the usual office furniture and computer equipment. Often in a block of surrounding offices or even a building of your own, there is a lot of room for creativity in offices.

Other types of workplaces that may be able to use neon to their advantage is a retail store. With the emphasis placed on selling, neon could play a huge part in the design of a physical store.

Showrooms, whether it be for home interiors or cars, could also benefit from a neon sign. With an endless amount of business types, it’s easy to see how you can start to incorporate a neon sign in one way or another.

So, what benefits would it bring to you as a company?

Enhance your branding

First and foremost, installing a neon sign in your workplace can set your branding and company values even more so than before. Whether you choose to have your business name up in lights, your company slogan or motivational messages on the wall, it can really send a message loud and clear to your staff and any customers who may see it too. You'll also need to consider neon sign safety.

An established brand is one of the most important components of a successful business, so make sure you’re a recognised company by enhancing your brand through the use of neon. It can help to reflect your workplace culture, and can leave a lasting impression on staff and clients alike.

Increase customer footfall

In the retail industry, or if you have a showroom or another similar visual business, develop it further with neon signs. This can be a way of increasing footfall to your store, thanks to an eye-catching design feature that can be seen from outside. Effective signage outside your workplace is another way of advertising who you are, and where you are.

Ultimately, if you’re attracting more customers to look at your physical business, you have a larger chance of increasing sales. After all, as a business owner, you’re probably most bothered about the bottom line and how to improve it!

Use a neon sign to your strengths

If you only need a neon sign for a one-off corporate event or show, or you are a pop-up business that will only be somewhere for a short amount of time, you can still take advantage of a neon sign.

You can hire our neon signs to suit your needs, ensuring you still get that visual impact while watching the company bank balance. Our extensive collection of ready-made neon means you’ll find something that matches your theme. Find out more about our neon sign for hire.

Likewise, if your place of work is a permanent fixture, invest in your very own custom neon sign that is yours to keep forever! Contact us today!