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Introducing the Material Source Studio

September 30, 2021 3 min read

The team here at Neon Creations are so excited to be lighting up a small part of Manchester thanks to a feature in the upcoming Material Source Studio. Set to open their doors in Autumn this year, you will find the studio based in NOMA, Manchester. The brand new 15,000sqft design destination has been planned to allow visitors of the North-West the opportunity to immerse themselves in a wide range of products and materials from industry-leading brands of the creative community, including ourselves!

We are so delighted to have been chosen by Material Source as one of the founding partners. Not only this but they also asked us to make their their logo in neon! So of course, we created them a neon logo fitted onto preserved moss backing (supplied by another partner of the studio, Oasis Plants). This is currently placed in their temporary studio, whilst they await completion of the permanent studio.

Who is Material Source?

Material Source is a magazine designed for interior designers, architects and those who create and make using a wide range of materials and products. Helping to showcase some of the latest products from designers and creators from a selection of industries, exploring the use of various materials including, wood, glass, ceramic, laminates, paint, textiles, recycles goods and biomaterials. Used to create a selection of goods such as, lighting, furniture, textiles, surfaces, flooring and even tech.

Material Source use their platform to bring inspiration to makers and creators with latest projects from various environments, within the workplace, hospitality, residential buildings, education, healthcare, public and commercial spaces. Allowing readers of the magazine to get to know the people behind these projects and the daily practices they carry out in order to create and manufacture their projects, using fun and unique materials.

Material Source Studio, Manchester 

For visitors stepping through the doors of the Material Source Studio, once open, products using cutting-edge practices and materials will be on show. Sourced from over 30 of the world’s leading built environment brands. This includes those who create the latest in workplace furniture, decorative pieces and displays, flooring inspired by the natural world etc. This is set to be an immersive experience which creative types and designers are sure to enjoy and gain inspiration from.

Neon Creations at the Material Source Studio 

Neon Creations is a UK-based family run business with 90 years’ combined experience amongst our incredibly skilled craftspeople. The opportunity to partner with Material Source Studio provides our team with the perfect chance for us to showcase our capabilities as creatives working with neon signs; a craft which has existed for more than 100 years and involves a very intricate process. We hope to inspire creatives and art lovers from the North-West with our unique and experimental designs.  

Our aim for this showcase is to get the audience to stop and think “Wow, who knew you could do that with neon!”. We really want to open our visitors’ eyes to the endless possibilities that working with neon can offer. As well as this, the studio will provide us with a great opportunity to reach out to fellow creatives, meet new contacts and potentially form new partnerships within the creative community. Watch this space!

For latest info about the Material Source Studio and their grand opening – keep your eyes peeled on their site here.