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What’s New At Neon Creations

October 02, 2015 5 min read

As you’d may have noticed, we’ve had a bit of a sabbatical with our blogging activity over the past month or so, simply because we’ve been extremely busy developing signs that help bring our client’s brands to life. However, you need not worry because we’re back with a bang and armed with an arsenal of spectacular neon signs that’ll imprint your mind with the branding of some really hot companies! So, without further ado, here’s what we’ve been working on over the past couple of months…

Solita Prestwich

With the roaring success of Solita’s Northern Quarter and Didsbury restaurants, they decided to extend their reach even further with the launch of their brand new branch in Prestwich. It would appear that the neon signs we created for their original two locations left them with a wet appetite for more – probably more so than that of their customers! As such, they came to us with some great ideas of signs they’d like to see in their new restaurant to which we duly obliged.

Let’s play spot the sign…

This 3D render is an external shot of their new Prestwich restaurant, which features two of a number of stunning neon signs that we’ve created for the launch of the new location. First up, the large red neon sign of Solita, positioned on the external wall of the restaurant, will not be missed with the ability to witness the sign’s shimmering glow from some distance. Such illumination in the upcoming darker nights is sure to draw people in like light to flies, with the ambition of filling themselves with some tantalisingly tasty food!

Here’s the Solita neon sign in situ…

The second sign we did for Solita was a window sign (seen in the 3D render) of their famous Big Manc Burger, similar to the one featured at their NQ location, with the caption ‘Home of the Big Manc’… just in case you didn’t know that was the home already!

Other neon signs that we’ve produced for the new Prestwich branch include; the ‘Big Manc burger’, which is fitted into a fireplace and visible from both sides; ‘Don’t grow up it’s a trap’, which is situated in the private dining area; and an array of ceiling neon, which forms the centrepiece of the restaurant.

Whatever you do, don’t try eating this Big Manc Burger or you’ll be in for a shock…

Stay young and beautiful people, and remember…

For the ceiling neon, we collaborated with local artist Russell Meehan to develop a Marvel themed neon collection attached to the ceiling, raining down a burst of colour onto Solita’s diners. Russ planned the structure with a series of drawings, before our very own neon creators Tony and Sam took a number of photographs and made decisions on which elements would be enhanced with neon. As you can see from the below images, there are no dark corners in this establishment with every area littered with the eye-catching illuminations.

You’d struggle to see this much illumination in Blackpool…

In fact, we’ve done so many neon signs for this new branch, that we could do a separate post about Solita showcasing all of our signs – but then we’re leaving nothing to the imagination. Instead, we’d like to let your curiosity run wild, but you can view many more images of Solita’s new Prestwich restaurant here.

Brown-Forman Beverages

As a consequence of us featuring at the Northern Restaurant and Bar show back in March, we connected with Brown-Forman Beverages, one of the largest American-owned companies in the wine and spirits business. This global corporation employs around 4,000 people worldwide and are stationed within more than 135 countries worldwide, so we were delighted to hear that they wanted to work with us on creating some neon signs for their venues.

So far, we have produced two signs for them, both including the ‘Jack Daniels’ branding, as well as branding for the venues that they are displayed in. The above sign, was created for ‘The BBQ Collective’ in Sheffield and the below sign was produced for ‘The Rainbow Venues’ in Birmingham. There is further neon also in the pipeline for another venue in Liverpool, which is likely to be in a similar style to these two.


Popular Mexican fast food chain, Barburrito, was another successful commission that we received after exhibiting at the NRB who wanted to celebrate their 10 years of success with a ‘Burritos since 2005’ hot pink neon sign to feature in one of their restaurants.

In addition to this, we also created four more geo-specific neon signs of the same ilk as the aforementioned, with the only difference being the location where their restaurants are based. ‘Hola Manchester’; ‘Hola Leeds’; ‘Hola Liverpool’; being their words of choice to extend a warm welcome to their customers upon entry.

ASK Italian

We’ve created a few neon signs for another established high street restaurant over the summer in the form of ASK Italian. While undergoing regular refurbishments of their restaurants and with the launch of new locations, they decided to bedazzle their customers with white neon signs providing a subtle reminder that life’s not all so bad; ‘Smile, there’s wine’

‘How could anyone not?’


“Now it’s time for something a little different”

‘Hummingbird’ was a piece that we created for our client’s wife, as it was her birthday and the neon sign was her surprise gift. We were provided with the wooden panel to fix the glass to, and artwork of the Hummingbird that our client wanted the shaping of the glass to resemble. Once completed, the sign was truly amazing, and both our client and his wife were ecstatic with the final outcome. Of course, we were delighted with the finished sign too, particularly since we’ve recently started using wood for our backdrops too as discussed in our previous post – ‘How It’s Made; From De-sign to Neon Sign’.

Wooden Panel Neon Signs

Whilst on the topic of backdrops, there’s no better time than now to announce that we are now able to offer neon signs fixed to wooden panels, similar to ‘Hummingbird’. We’ve begun to rework reclaimed pine floorboards and give them a new lease of life by using them as a vehicle to create such stunning visual artworks. Due to the floorboards differing in sizes and finishes, the unique appeal is enhanced further even before the neon tubing is fixed to the panels.

Xmas Neon

Now that we’re in the month of October, and with ample supermarkets now deciding the time is now to engrain Christmas songs into our minds, there’s no better time than now to start thinking towards the festive season. Although we haven’t received any commissions for some Christmas themed neon signs thus far, it’s likely that we’ll be busy making them over the next few months so we thought it’d be a good chance to remind you all of last year’s Xmas Neon Creations! Read our blog on neon signs for Christmas. Contact us for all of your neon lighting needs.

Watch this space…