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Top 8 Neon Football Kits

September 29, 2015 3 min read

In days gone by, many football teams would play in drab kit, in dull uniform colours. The game was what was important at the time and not how players looked. Now, in these days of big money corporate sponsorship, the emphasis is on image as well as performance, with a team kit seemingly all about high quality materials and creativity in design. Here, we take a look at how neon has found its place in today’s football kits – making modern sports stars shine just that little bit brighter!

Manchester City FC

Manchester City football club’s new third team kit comes in a vivid neon green, edged in black, right down to the socks. For the goalkeeper the first choice is purple and the second choice is acid yellow.

Everton FC

City weren’t the first Premiership team to play in neon though. In 2010/11, Everton’s third kit shirt was a blistering pink neon football kit – no excuses for not spotting a player in the box!

Barcelona FC

Barcelona have often been known for favouring pretty bright kits, but two of the standout shirts of all time has to be their neon crimson 2014/15 away kit (above) and their neon yellow third kit 2014/2015 (below), making them pretty hard to miss!

 “Even Lionel Messi’s stumped as to why their kit is so bright!”

AFC Ajax

Not to be outdone by kit design rivals Nike, Adidas offered Ajax a neon green shirt with black and red trim. As Ajax look to regain the title from rivals PSV this season, you’ll definitely see them coming!

Chelsea FC

Whilst Chelsea went for a touch of blue neon on their 2014/2015 third kit (above), they’ve used this as inspiration for this season’s goalkeeper’s kit (below), favouring a blue neon football kit with a navy trim.

Real Madrid FC

“When it came to deciding on colour for Real Madrid’s kit, Ronaldo was all ears!”

Rumour has it Real Madrid favourite Cristiano Ronaldo had a small say in their away kit for 2014/15. Whether that’s true is anyone’s guess, but their striking pink neon football kit certainly looks like something he’d favour!

FC Basel

Nike strikes again! In 2009/10 FC Basel’s third kit (allegedly named “volt” – we say neon yellow!) made its mark on the team, as they made a storming run after a slow start to reclaim the title on the last day of the season.

Juventus FC

Neon green certainly seems to have found favour with Nike, as Juventus’ third kit for the 2014/15 clearly showed. Sadly, it seems the favour was not returned, as Juventus signed with Adidas for the following season’s kit deal.

Neon football kits for better results?

It is clear that much research has gone into the design of sports kit, not only in the aesthetic and functionality of it but in the effect it can have on team morale and on the psyche of the opposition. Studies have proven over the years that certain colours can affect our moods and our work rate and sports kit designers have to take into account the attitude and enthusiasm, or lack of it, of the players who have to wear it. The wrong kit in the wrong colours can seriously hamper a team’s prospects – and nobody wants that!

On top of this, the trend for neon colours has spread to other parts of the sportsman’s essential kit, such as drinks bottles, sports bags and even balls, which are all designed no doubt to bolster the mood and performance of the dedicated sports person.