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Up Your Branding Game

August 13, 2020 2 min read

Building and maintaining a brand is an exciting part of running a business. The right branding and execution can determine your success, and in a post-coronavirus world, attracting new and returning business is even more important than ever.

Whether you run a salon, restaurant, events company or you are office-based, it’s key to ensure your business stands out amongst your competitors. Branding is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

Your brand essentially tells people who you are and what your story is. The colours, style and message within your branding helps to build your business’ identity. With that in mind, there’s one very simple way to up your branding game and make your business even more memorable.

Branded neon signs

Using a neon sign to display your branding, whether it’s your logo, business name or a tagline, can be incredibly effective in a number of different ways. The bright and creative designs are endless, giving you the chance to have some fun in creating a branded neon sign.

We can heat, bend and shape the glass tubes into a huge variety of designs, giving you the chance to have a one-off, custom neon sign for your business.

Display who you are

The unique glow from a neon sign is hard to replicate with other forms of signage. It’s a great way to display exactly who and where you are, complete with a creative design in your brand colours and font.

Branded neon signs can brighten up your workplace, giving you a chance to fill that empty space in the window, by the entrance or on a wall.

Advertise to passers-by

Making your branded neon sign visible from outside your premises can provide an effortless and affordable way of advertising your business. It can provide a very visual attraction for passers-by, helping them to remember your business over others.

Advertising your business in today’s climate is key; you might just attract some new business and gain customers who might become regulars, whether you’re running a bar, salon or TV production company.

Create a cool vibe

The right neon sign for your business can set the atmosphere in your place of work, both for staff and customers. Transform your office, café, nail salon or retail shop effortlessly with a branded sign. Quirky, eye-catching and memorable, a neon sign creates a cool vibe for your space.

It can also help customers and staff resonate with your business and its image with the help of visual decorations like neon.