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Refresh Your Restaurant with Neon

July 27, 2020 2 min read

As life slowly returns to a new kind of normal and businesses are back up and running again, it feels almost as though we are emerging from a sort of hibernation. While many businesses have faced terrible hardship over the last few months, some are now trying to fight back and welcome back customers.

The hospitality industry in particular has come up against huge challenges during the coronavirus outbreak, with many closed for months. Reopening has taken a lot of adjustments and new guidelines, and the hope that people will want to return. The latest government scheme, Eat Out to Help Out, is also set to be a huge help in getting restaurants back on their feet.

With that in mind, you might want to consider giving your restaurant an update to welcome customers with a little surprise!

Neon signs for restaurants

Times have certainly been tough, but even the smallest of changes to your establishment could help to propel a successful reopening. A custom neon sign could transform your space, creating a cool vibe with a branded message to wow your customers.

While there’s still a sense of uncertainty in the air, people have missed being out and about. Adding a neon sign to your restaurant can just create a finishing touch to the space, with an amazing visual element to set you apart.

Why invest in a neon sign?

As customers begin to return to their favourite restaurants or bars, you may notice areas of the space that could do with some TLC. After all, it might have been months since you were last on the premises day-in, day-out.

A neon sign is one of the most effective and decorative pieces that offers maximum impact. From the bright glow of colour to the endless choice of designs, a neon sign can set the mood for your staff and customers alike. Whether it’s the perfect backdrop for an Instagram post or you want to make your new happy hours even more obvious, neon does it very well.

Drive more footfall

As well as making sure your restaurant looks fresh and impressive for those who enter, a neon sign for your restaurant can also help to attract new customers; something that is so crucial in times like these. By placing your neon sign strategically, it could be seen by passers-by who might not have tried your restaurant before.

Neon can help your restaurant to stand out, which is a great help in a bustling city centre. The glow of a neon sign may catch the eye of those walking down the street and encourage a new customer to enter your door instead of going somewhere else.