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Top Tips for Where to Place Your Neon Sign

January 17, 2020 3 min read

If you are thinking of investing in a neon sign, you’ve made the right decision! However, it is important that you have a place in mind for your neon sign once it arrives, or it may end up sitting in a corner as a result of bad planning. Whether you are thinking of adding an eye-catching bit of décor to your place of work, or your home needs a new piece of art, a neon sign is the perfect solution.

Buying a neon glass sign is a great way to light up any room, but it can be helpful to decide on where it will hang, as this may have an impact on the design you choose. With that in mind, we offer some top tips on where you can hang your neon sign and what impact this can have.

Neon sign for a bar or restaurant

As a business establishment, your reasons for buying a neon sign for a bar or restaurant could be for advertisement purposes or purely just for some eye-catching decoration. It has become a popular trend in recent years, and you could be missing out if you don’t give it a go yourself!

Neon signs in bars and restaurants are usually for enticing customers to enter, and making sure they enjoy themselves while there! With vivid colours and an inimitable glow, a neon sign is a great backdrop for your diners and drinkers.

You may wish to hang your bar neon sign in the window to make your establishment more obvious to passers-by; for instance, a sign advertising happy hours or a neon version of the type of food you serve.

Alternatively, you could hang a neon sign inside the building. Above the bar or near seating areas can bring some personality to the space, and give visitors a chance to snap a few photos for Instagram!

Neon sign for an office

Neon signs are becoming more and more popular as offices modernise themselves and companies begin embracing new ways of operating. Many neon signs for offices include creative ways of displaying the logo or brand messaging, perfect for motivating staff and providing a clear message to visitors.

Placing a neon sign in an office must be thought about carefully; after all, you want everyone to see it, but don’t necessarily want it to become a distraction! Consider displaying it in the lobby or reception area for everyone to see as they enter the building, or on the wall of the main office floor as long as it can remain out of the way of staff.

Neon signs for your home

Buying a neon sign for your home is a beautiful way of adding light, art and character to a room; but how to choose which room to place it in? Consider which room could benefit from some extra light, or is looking a little plain in its décor. It might be your kitchen, living room or even dining room. This can help to set the theme of your sign and ensure you invest in the right one.

Neon signs in homes can come in many forms; the most popular include favourite quotes and family names that make the room so much more homely and inviting.

When you buy a neon sign from Neon Creations, it will arrive ready to hang or fully encased in an acrylic box or panel. With this in mind, all you need to do it hang it up or plug it in! Check out our blog on installing and using your neon sign for more help on this. Contact us for all advice on neon lighting.