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New Year, New Décor

December 20, 2019 2 min read

With the new year only around the corner, you may be thinking of new ways you can spruce up your home to feel and look a little bit fresher. Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be a big or daunting job; instead, you can make a few small changes that make a big difference to the overall appearance of your home.

Whether you want to make your entranceway even more inviting, or perhaps refresh your bedroom for an extra cosy feel, having a beautiful home doesn’t need to break the bank.

With that in mind, here are some great ideas to add some new décor to your home ahead of 2020.

Add colour to the walls

You would be surprised how different a room can look with a different colour on the walls! No matter the room, changing the paint colour can give a fresh look to your home.

Consider opting for a brighter colour to off-set the miserable January weather, or perhaps go a shade darker for a much cosier feel. Think about the room you want to change and what colour palette it is, and ensure your final choice complements it well.

You can even create a unique look by painting a feature wall or adding patterned wallpaper to the room. It can give the space an instant lift with minimum cost and effort.

Invest in a neon sign

Once you’re happy with your new walls, finish them off with a wonderful piece of artwork. Adding a neon sign to any room in your home creates a welcoming glow and a great talking point, whether it’s in the kitchen or the games room.

A neon sign is a unique and modern alternative to the usual pieces of art you might choose, and you can even choose to have it personalised. At Neon Creations, we can create custom neon signs just for you.

Add new accessories

To add a new look to any room, accessories are key! You can transform a room by adding new cushions to the sofa, or by adding a complementing rug to the middle of the floor.

Breathing new life into your home, you can play with different patterns and textures to create a new look to your living room, bedroom or even dining room. Similarly, adding a mirror to a room can create more space and light simply through the power of reflection!