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Top 5 Designs You Can Turn Into a Neon Sign

January 27, 2020 3 min read

If you’re hoping to decorate your home or place of work, traditional artwork isn’t your only option! From placing a new decorative piece in your living room, to adding some branding to the entrance of your office, there is a colourful and modern way to add eye-catching design elements to a room.

Neon signs are incredibly versatile and can provide a unique way of adding art to your space. With its inimitable glow, neon has a retro, cool appearance that can add a new dynamic to any room.

If this sounds intriguing, here is some great inspiration with 5 designs you can turn into a neon sign!

1. Business logo

One of the most popular uses for neon signs comes from the world of business. Whether it’s a corporate office, quirky bar or city centre restaurant, a neon sign can set your business apart and create an eye-catching addition to its entrance.

Your business logo, no matter how simple or complex, can look incredible when up in lights. Whether your business involves an accountancy firm, a burger bar or a nail salon, your logo as a neon sign can add a new element to the window display or doorway! Find out more about our neon shop signs.

2. Meaningful quote

Most of us have a favourite saying or a song lyric that means something to you. This can include a sentimental phrase or an inside joke with your family. Creating a neon sign using a meaningful quote can add a beautiful piece of artwork for your home or place of work, bringing a pop of light and colour as well as a conversation starter.

This is a popular choice for many of our customers, whether it’s a slogan, motto or a memory of a loved one’s handwriting. It can look striking in any colour and creates a welcoming and inviting feel to any room.

3. Wedding photos

Your wedding day is probably one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life, and you no doubt have some of the photos displayed in your home. Why not give your wedding photos an upgrade with a little help from neon? Find out more about wedding neon signs.

Neon on print is a beautiful way of combining your favourite photos and memories with that incomparable glow. It’s a great way to create a modern addition to your home, as well as having a unique design to hang on your wall.

4. Favourite food

Whether you run a restaurant or you see yourself as a bit of a foodie, why not put it up in lights? It can be the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, dining room or restaurant seating area. Not only does it set the perfect theme, but gives you the chance to create something a bit different!

From cocktails to burgers, why not turn your favourite cuisine or tipple into a quirky neon sign? Find out more about our neon bar signs.

5. Family names

Everyone would love to see their name up in lights; with a neon sign, that can become a reality! Designing a neon sign with your family names can be a great gift or surprise for your loved ones, and the options are endless.

You could opt for your surname and create a beautiful, personal piece for your home. On the other hand, you could create neon signs for your children’s bedrooms for a fun and personalised addition to their private space. Find out more about our personalised neon signs.