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Light Up Your Wedding with Neon

June 27, 2018 2 min read

Wedding trends can change annually but they always involve beautiful, romantic ideas that look great and can make your day even more memorable. Whether it’s the wedding dress concept that continues to become more modern and unique, or the choice of venue that is becoming quirkier, paying attention to wedding trends can be the perfect way to get some inspiration.

With a trend to suit every budget, you can personalise your big day as much as you want. A great way to add even more character to your wedding, there are so many ideas out there to help make your wedding different from the rest. From a pizza station to entertainment with a twist, make your wedding unforgettable both for yourselves and your guests.

So, what’s the one thing that can really light up your wedding? A neon sign!

Neon signs for weddings

It’s a very contemporary and eye-catching way to add some extra décor to your wedding day. Often kept for the reception part of the event, they are a perfect way to create a statement. What was once a retro light solution, is now something that can add a real wow factor to your venue.

Bold and bright, the choice when it comes to neon signs is endless. So, here is some inspiration to get you started with your very own neon signs for weddings.

Different types of neon signs

At Neon Creations we offer a huge range of different neon signs for weddings so that you can find the perfect one. Some of the most popular ones are neon on print, which mixes together neon lighting with a contemporary printed background.

Neon mirror boxes also work wonders and look impressive wherever they are mounted. This can sometimes offer a subtler appearance with a neon sign incorporated into a mirror.

Most of our neon signs are fitted on to an acrylic panel or in an acrylic case, but we also have the ability to fit a neon sign on to a wooden backing.  This provides a whole different appearance that could suit your venue perfectly.

What’s more, we have approximately 40 colours to choose from when it comes to the neon lighting. This means you can really make it your own, whether you want to choose your favourite shade or you need to match a particular theme.

How to use neon at your wedding

Neon signs for weddings can be used throughout your big day; whether it’s a backdrop to the ceremony, a photo opportunity at the reception or to light up the dancefloor. It really is up to you! Whether you want a romantic quote or symbol, or a sign that will inspire guests to party into the night, there is a variety of opportunity.

We have an existing collection of neon lights that can hired for your big day, or you may want to choose to have a custom piece made especially for you. Either way, here is some inspiration of pieces we have created in the past that are perfect for weddings!