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Important Facts About Neon

May 31, 2018 3 min read

Owning a neon sign comes with some responsibility, whether it’s in regards to assembling the sign or looking after it once it’s set up. You should always make sure you understand any risks that come with a neon sign, however small they may be. After all, it’s better to be prepared and be able to look after your new sign properly!

When it comes to shopping around for a neon sign, it’s hugely important that you find a reputable manufacturer. Reliability and credibility should be your priorities, instead of looking for the cheapest. At Neon Creations, we make sure that we create your sign to perfection, and have links with delivery services that guarantee against breakages.

There are many different things you should consider when buying neon. Here we take a look at some of the important facts surrounding the use of neon.

Neon vs LED

There is a lot of advertisement surrounding the concept of ‘LED neon’. Please note that LED and neon are completely different materials, and there is no such thing as an LED neon sign. Read our blog on the differences between neon and LED signs.

If you come across something with this product name, you are buying an LED sign; nothing to do with neon. At Neon Creations we provide only genuine neon for your signs, so you know you’re buying quality signs that are made in-house by our very own team.

Be smart about what you’re shopping for. While there is nothing wrong with an LED sign, it doesn’t necessarily have the same visual effect as neon. You don’t want to pay for what you think is a neon sign, when it’s actually made using LEDs.

Environmental impact of Neon

Neon is a gas, which many people can confuse for a toxic or dangerous substance. Neon is an inert gas, which means it is chemically unreactive. While you should take care if you come into contact with any gas leakage, it is non-hazardous.

This also means that neon gas has no negative impact on the environment. It doesn’t pose a threat in any way, so if you’re particularly conscious about being eco-friendly, you don’t have to worry about your neon sign.

You should always take care if the glass tubing of your neon sign breaks, but there is no real danger.

Safety when using your neon sign

Fire safety is an important aspect of neon signs, despite how rare the event of a fire is. When made professionally, they shouldn’t be a risk, but it’s important to be aware anyway. Look for potential fire hazards around the area where you want to display your sign, and make sure it’s out of reach of children or your customers.

Make sure you ask for professional help when mounting your sign, as this needs to be done properly in order to make sure everything is safe. You should avoid modifying your neon sign in any way, or covering it. This can increase the risk of fire.

You should also be aware of electrical safety too. Make sure your sign is placed in a safe location and check the condition of your sign regularly.

All neon signs should be CE marked and conform to British Standards and IET Wiring Regulations.

Luckily, neon signs shouldn’t pose too much of a danger to your home or workplace. Should your sign break, or the gas discharge tube is damaged, the electrical current supply is cut off immediately to reduce any risks. Find out more about neon sign safety.

So, now you’re a little more knowledgeable about neon, it’s time to invest in that piece you’ve had your eye on. Get in touch with us today!