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Create an ‘Instagrammable’ space with a neon sign for your restaurant or bar

December 08, 2021 2 min read

For a business to thrive, particularly bars and restaurants, one of the most valuable forms of marketing is when your customers do it for you! Since Instagram stories have become all the rage, its not uncommon to see your friends and family posting their location at various bars and restaurants when out and about. This is a sure-fire way to confirm if somewhere is popular and worth the visit. With influencers and Instagrammers driving their audiences to the latest bars, restaurants and clubs, ensuring your venue is Instagram friendly is now more important than ever. One way you can do this…Neon signs!


Why should you create an Instagram worthy space?

By creating an aesthetically pleasing space, one which would be perfect for an Instagram story or post, you are encouraging your customers to share their experience. By sharing their experience for their followers online you are in-turn receiving free marketing! The interiors of a restaurant are now seen to be as equally as important as the food, with people sharing not only their reviews of the dishes but also the ‘vibe’ and atmosphere.

Millennials love a heavily decorated bar or restaurant, one which includes plenty of chances for photo opportunities. Some ways the hospitality industry have embraced this is to incorporate interior features installed entirely for this purpose. For example, large wall mirrors, slogans, flower walls and ceilings, as well as a whole host of bright and colourful neon signs. 


Neon Signs for the hospitality industry

Neon bars signs have been a popular product of ours for years now. This is such a fun way to decorate your establishment, providing some colour and light whilst making a statement. A neon sign creates the perfect photo opportunity for your customers, helping you to stand out both in person and online.

No matter how you wish to utilise your bespoke neon sign, whether this is to advertise your business, create a cool vibe, or to present a backdrop for customer’s photos, we can create a sign ideal for your restaurant or bar. By using our online neon sign builder, you can tap into your creative side, playing around with the variety of fonts, colours, and sign backings, creating a sign which encapsulates the atmosphere of your restaurant or bar. Alternatively, we have ready to buy neon signs, created with the hospitality industry in mind. Neon signs are the perfect way to attract new customers. Check out our neon bar signs.


Neon sign inspiration

Our team at Neon Creations have plenty of experience turning your unique ideas into bespoke neon signs for your bar or restaurant. Find out more about our personalised neon signs. No matter how big or small, where you would like to place your sign, the colour and backing, we will work with you to bring your creative vision to life. Creating a neon sign which is sure to be featured on many an Instagram post! If you want to create a vibrant and unique decorative feature for your bar or restaurant, get in touch with the Neon Creations team today!