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Our Neon Sign making Workshops are a hit!

January 10, 2022 3 min read

Over at Neon Creations HQ we recently welcomed Estelle Bilson, the creative behind 70s House Manchester, home to a whole range of nostalgic products for the home inspired by the 60s and 70s. Over on the 70s House Manchester blog, Estelle has written about her experience during the neon workshop she joined us for. Providing some really positive feedback! The team at Neon Creations helped Estelle create her very own piece of neon art she could take home with her. Here is what Estelle had to say about her experience:

“I was invited to their studio and from the moment you walk through the door you are blown away by the beauty of EVERYTHING, your eyes dart from one light to the other, unable to take it all in, all you can mouth is the word “WOW”…..”

“I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, Tony, Catherine and their team are an absolute dream and welcome you like one of the family with plenty of laughs. Many of the people who have attended the course have come back to do more work with them and I for one will be one of those people, I’ve been bitten by the glass blowing bug and can’t wait to go back and create more.”.



Teaching the neon sign making technique

During the visit, as we would during any workshop, Tony (Neon Creations Co-Founder) explained to Estelle the history of neon and showed her some basic techniques. We showed her how we, Tony, and our team of glass benders, would bend a glass tube over a flame to begin the creation process. Holding the tubing in our hands and then rotating this so that the glass softens. We spent the morning with her bending glass rods into shapes and helping Estelle gain her confidence, finding her feet as a glass bender! By the end of the morning Estelle was successful in creating the letter E by bending the glass and blowing air through the tube to prevent the tube collapsing.  


Later in the afternoon, Estelle mapped out a rough design to create her very own neon sign as Tony mentored her in bending the glass into the required shapes. Throughout the day Estelle says she learnt the basis skills to put something together that would work as a neon light up sign. Which is exactly the aim of our neon light making workshops. We want all our workshop visitors to walk away learning something new! With assistance from Tony, check out what Estelle was able to create during her time with us:




It is always great to hear feedback from those who join our neon sign making workshops and love to hear that Estelle would recommend us to others and return for another session of neon sign making!

Why you should sign up for our neon sign making workshop

When joining a neon sign making workshop with Neon Creations not only will you receive one-to-one tuition and a tour of our glass shop, but you will also be able to take your very own neon sign home with you! The expert team here at Neon Creations will help you along the way as you design and create your very own neon sign, perfect to hang somewhere in your home. This sign will be fitted onto a white acrylic panel with the transformer fitted, so you can hang it where you like as soon as you arrive home. There are so many reasons to attend our neon sign workshop.

Now you’ve heard how much people love our workshops, why not take part yourself? Sign up and join us for a neon sign making workshop, we look forward to meeting you!