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Design a Neon Sign to say “I love you”

January 10, 2022 2 min read

Valentine’s Day is next month, which means many couples will be starting to think about the perfect gift to remind their spouse or partner just how much they love them! If you’ve got your thinking cap on early, we have the perfect idea for you! Why not design your very own bespoke piece of art by getting in touch with the team here at Neon Creations to create a beautiful neon sign. Your bespoke neon sign can be customised to include an image or wording of your choice. Whether you want to include a loving saying, a sentimental quote or image which reflects your relationship, the team here at Neon Creations can help bring your creative idea to life! A neon sign is a beautiful and unique gift, guaranteed to impress your loved one. Unlike a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, this sign can be hung in your home to be admired for years to come. It is a truly lovely way of saying “I love you”.

Neon Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

We love creating neon signs for domestic projects, creating art to be hung in a home is a beautiful thing and truly meaningful. Over the years we have created some great pieces we LOVE. Below we have provided some inspiration for neon signs perfect for Valentine’s Day. This includes work from domestic projects designed for clients and signs you can currently purchase on our site! Here's why a custom neon sign is the perfect Valentines gift



Bring your partner or spouse along to a neon workshop

Alternatively, if you would rather create an amazing art piece together, why not bring your special someone along to one our neon workshops? Throughout the workshop you will receive a tour of our amazing glass shop, an introduction to flames and glass bending, a brief history of neon and Neon Creations, as well as the chance to design and create your very own custom-neon sign. We will finalise the design during your visit, allowing you to take this home after the workshop has finished. The sign will be prepped so you can hang this in your desired space as soon as you arrive home.

Our workshops are a great activity for couples to spend some time together whilst also learning a new and unique skill. Our workshops have been a real hit, so we look forward to welcoming more and more people in 2022 to learn all there is to know about neon sign making! Here is some more information on our hit workshops!


Get in touch with the Neon Creations team

To begin the creation process of your bespoke neon sign, get in touch with our expert team today for more information about the process and to submit your design ideas. We will work with you to bring your design to life, to create truly lovely piece of art that will let your partner know just how much you love them.