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Why choose a Neon Sign over an LED Sign

February 07, 2022 2 min read

There’s much debate across the internet about which is better, traditional neon or LED. At Neon Creations we work with neon, creating art in the traditional way. As it was done 100 years ago. With our experience working with neon and creating neon art pieces for our many clients and customers, we understand the difference between both traditional neon signs and LED signs.


The Benefits of Using Traditional Neon

Although there is much discussion around the safety and practicality of neon, it is actually a fantastic choice for creating amazing art pieces. Both for domestic and commercial use, here’s why:

  • Unlike LED signs, every component of a neon sign is recyclable.
  • Most of the neon signs that we produce for internal use will run at less than 100 watts of illumination. Although they do require slightly more power than an LED light, this is not as expensive as some sources will have you believe.
  • Neon tubes will emit light at 360 degrees. LED, however, only emits light mostly from the front and sides.
  • When manufactured correctly and by a reputable company, neon tubes should not get hot.
  • Our neon signs can be plugged into the mains socket! Making them super practical for internal use. Particularly within the home.
  • Neon signs will give off a warm, welcoming glow which can contribute to the atmosphere of a domestic or commercial setting.
Why we choose Neon over LED

For the most part LED is not created in an ethical or sustainable way. Most of the LED production takes place in the Far East, therefore having a much greater impact on the environment. The light LED signs emit is typically a brighter white, which means it can sometimes be harsh and too cold in its appearance. Since LED lights are made up of tiny individual bulbs, they can quickly lose their brightness if one bulb becomes broken or faulty, leading to dull spots. Whereas, a neon sign is expected to stay bright for years. Typically one of our neon signs would last for at least 10 years! Neon signs should be more expensive than LED signs and here's why.


Purchasing a Neon Sign

If you are thinking about purchasing a neon sign, be careful not to be tricked by fake or dodgy companies selling “neon signs” which are actually LED signs being falsely advertised. Find out more about the differences between LED and neon signs.

By choosing to work with Neon Creations to create your bespoke neon sign or to purchase a neon sign, you will be in safe hands. Our team is well experienced in the creation of neon signs and have a combined experience of over 90 years. Find out more about our personalised neon signs.

Our portfolio of both domestic and commercial clients have been praising our work for years! We are very proud of the art we have created and are always eager to work on new projects with new clients. Get in touch today for a quote or for some more information about our neon signs.