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Neon in the Fitness Industry – Why is it so Popular?

January 22, 2018 2 min read

January 1st marked a fresh start as people optimistically rang in 2018. With this came a flood of resolutions made at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. According to a YouGov poll, 37% of people promised themselves that they would eat healthier and 37% vowed that they would exercise more in the year ahead. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that so many are more focused on going to the gym than ever before. Fitness centres can maintain this surge in popularity with the help of one thing: neon art.

Who uses neon?

GymWorks are one fitness outlet that have already clocked on to the advantages of using neon lighting. The well-attended gym features motivational words like ‘lift’, ‘ride’ and ‘move’ lit up in colourful shades around its premises. This isn’t just welcoming to all those new members who have cropped up in 2018, but familiar to all those people who have been exercising there for some time.

Anyone else?

The vibrancy of neon isn’t just perfect for décor. Instead, it’s a theme that’s running through several different avenues of the fitness industry. Take, for example, Gym Shark. The sports brand tends to rely on neon glass across its entire company – whether it’s the shade of their clothes or their choice of advertising. Similarly, a lot of personal trainers have also got the memo about how helpful neon can be when building a brand. Due to this, they often rock neon clothing when working with clients, or choose to hold sessions in places where there’s an abundance of neon lighting.

What’s so great about neon?

It’s clear that the fitness industry has embraced neon – but why? Well, let’s start with the fact that the colours are so striking that they’re ideal for building a brand that wants to be seen as vibrant and lively. In a world that can all too often rely on mundane colours, neon is perfect for making a business stand out from amongst the pack and establish itself as a viable competitor.

Don’t forget the fact that neon is motivational, hence why it’s used so readily in advertising. A generous splash of colour is often just the thing that keeps people using their local gym again and again.

Neon is the way forward!

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