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Neon Safety: Handling Neon Signs

January 19, 2018 2 min read

There is often nothing more eye-catching than a neon sign. Shining brightly, they tell the world that you are open or promote the name of your business or even a slogan that you want to share with customers or friends.

A neon sign can be a practical investment for many. It can last decades, although a sign is expected to last between 8 to 15 years if it is used 24 hours per day. Neon signs can be used inside or outside but there are some things you should be aware of to make sure they are safe and last for the maximum amount of time.

Unplug it!

If cleaning, make sure the light is unplugged. The tubes can then be cleaned using a soft cloth, a small brush or air compressor. Never use water on the tubes whilst it is plugged in. If the tubes are filthy they can be gently cleaned using a mild solution of washing up liquid and water. Make sure they are dried thoroughly before plugging back in.

Package them correctly

If transporting a neon sign be careful, they can be extremely fragile. They can break if they are not packed correctly, and broken signs can be expensive to repair. If you need to transport a neon sign it’ll need a special packing container, one that has foam or cardboard is ideal. Loose packing material is not recommended as this can put uneven pressure on the sign, which could cause it to break.

Check for damage

Make sure that your sign is made by a reputable manufacturer like Neon Creations, as these signs are safe (in terms of electrical risk) if they are properly made. When handling the signs look for cracks or signs of wear and tear.

Keep it uncovered

As for any piece of equipment don’t let customers (or small children) touch them. Don’t cover a sign and make sure it is installed properly. If it is a portable sign, ensure that it is positioned in an area that is safe.

Neon signs can brighten a corner, distinguish your business from others and add a ‘fun’ factor that other signs can’t compete with. Follow the simple neon safety rules above and your sign will give you and others pleasure for many years to come. Contact us for advice on neon light handling.