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Hiring Neon for Your Next Big Event

January 25, 2018 2 min read

Ready to make a statement at your next big event? Look no further than neon signage (trust us, it will be hard to look away). Whether it’s a wedding, music concert, themed party or birthday bash, a neon sign can add the perfect finishing touch to your party space as well as make it one to remember. And if you’ve always loved the idea of a neon sign but shied away from buying one, we say, hire instead! Read on and find out why hiring a neon sign is the perfect way to accessorise your event, and why it’s so much better than buying.

Feeling flakey? There are no long-term commitments with hiring

Huge heart, wacky slogan or cocktail sign? Sometimes deciding on the perfect neon sign for your event is more difficult than you’d like. The wonderful thing about hiring a neon sign for your event is that it removes any need to think about its future. The questions of “when will I use it next?” and “where else will this look good?” are a thing of the past as you can choose to be as spontaneous and trend-led as you’d like with your signage choice. We say, forget worrying about how you can put your neon sign to use in the future and pick your favourite style for now. You can always hire your second choice at the next event!

Have a brilliant birthday, and don’t look back!

Got a big number ahead that requires an even bigger party? Flaunt it to your guests with a striking neon sign that showcases just how amazing you are on your birthday. Hiring a neon sign is the perfect choice if you’re wanting to debut your age at a party. And as proud as you may be of reaching a milestone birthday, no one wants to be reminded of their age every time they pop into the garage or loft.

Create the ultimate party for your occasion

Hiring neon signage can enhance events such as weddings or seasonal parties, giving you the option to hire occasion-specific slogans or imagery that wouldn’t work at any other time. Be bold and create a striking focal point for your wedding reception with an oversized heart by your dancefloor, perfect for photos and dancing! Check out our wedding neon signs.

You can go as big as you dare when aftercare isn’t your problem!

When it’s hired, you can go as bold and big as you like with your neon sign. Forget having to find a suitable place to store it in to keep for another occasion. Instead, you can enjoy your event and take pleasure in knowing that your sign will be returned once you’ve finished!

Feeling inspired? Check out our gorgeous range of neon signs for hire and find the perfect sign for your next big event. If you're still not convinced, read our blog on why you need a neon sign at your event.