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Raising The Neon Fashion Stakes

November 27, 2015 2 min read

Over the years we’ve worked closely with a number of retail fashion brands to install Neon Creations in high street stores as part of seasonal campaigns or shop fronts. Most recently you will have seen us collaborating with Missguided to brighten up their HQ in Manchester, whilst previously we’ve worked with Urban Outfitters and Paul’s Boutique, to name but a few.

River Island is one high street brand that has raised the neon fashion stakes and we’ve worked closely with the team over the years to incorporate neon designs into their window displays and throughout their stores to use in marketing campaigns.

Summer in the City

Their ‘Summer in the City’ campaign installed at the newly opened Marble Arch store in London showed the fashion brand embracing the neon hues of summer and including Neon Creations in their window themes and throughout the store.

This included a ‘Summer in the City’ scripted neon fashion sign with an arrow pointing towards the entrance of the store and the outline of the sun in the background, as seen in the image above.

Also incorporated into this campaign were a neon cactus, ice cream and flamingo, to keep the campaign aligned with an overall summer theme.

Not sure about you, but this sign definitely makes us want some ice cream – even in this cold weather! Find out more about our neon shop signs.

Style is how you wear it

River Island look to make a statement, and they did that with the ‘Style is how you wear it’ scripted neon fashion sign.

Shoes, Shoes… Shoes!

Our Neon Creations can also be put on background to bring them to life, like these scripted ‘Shoes’ signs which were fixed to a wooden frame to advertise the shoe section of River Island.

We also created neon hearts to be included in window displays for River Island, as you can see in situ in the two images above.

River Island is a popular high street fashion brand and we enjoy working with them to include our Neon Creations in their displays!