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Merging Neon With Print

February 20, 2018 2 min read

Ever since hands were painted on to cave walls tens of thousands of years ago, humans have been appreciating art of all different genres.

And while the classics are called classics for a good reason, it’s certainly true that art has to move with the times. Technology has altered the art world in hundreds of different ways, and the integration of the brightness and surprise of neon into print work is just one of them.

Here how’s neon signs of all varieties – whether textual, graphical or logo-based – can enhance printed art and add extra depth and dimensions to a great piece of work.

Striking and surprising

The effect that comes from neon and print working together is rooted in the surprise factor that neon possesses. Due to their nature as electric-powered gas-discharge tubes, neon signs are inevitably bright and even garish – which means that the human eye is automatically drawn to them.

When combined with print, that means that the print work – which may otherwise have been overlooked – gets some attention once the eye has dealt with the neon. The print piece, meanwhile, often acts as an antidote to the brightness of the neon. As a result, the two forms work together to draw attention without causing strain or unpleasantness for the viewer.

That retro look

As well as its eye-catching tendencies, neon also has a style and connotations of its very own. Associated by many with the advertising styles of the20th century, neon art is now seen as retro and chic.

That means it works well in a number of situations – not least for bars, pubs and cafes who are looking to achieve a throwback vibe. Check out our neon bar signs.

Case study: Karine Bacon

When Cheshire-based artist Karine Bacon came to us, we knew that we were dealing with a strong and talented professional.

Karine wanted us to help her add some neon effects to her artistic wooden panels, which she had designed herself. Aware of the illuminating and striking effects that neon can have on art, she was hoping for a creative partnership to help her add a twist to her designs.

We were only too happy to help. The resulting piece combined drawings from Karine’s own hand with text-based neon signs reading “Love” and “Wild Thing”, as well as graphics to enhance her religious skull design. You can see it in full in a previous blog post here.