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A look back at the best Neon Creations of 2017

December 25, 2017 2 min read

As we approach the end of 2017, we take a look back at some of the best neon creations of the year. Each piece of neon art is an intricate, unique piece, which in many positions becomes the focal point of a room.

Lift, Ride, Move

One of the most iconic creations this year is this large text piece reading LIFT, RIDE, MOVE, which we created for GymWorks in Fulwood, Preston. We used a strong bold font for this particular design, as we felt this helped promote the values of GymWorks and would add a sharp, motivational edge.


This slightly naughty piece was created by Neon Creations team member Sam. She chose this particular piece as her favourite as she saw it through from initial design up until completion. It’s an impressive first piece of work from a promising talent here at Neon Creations.

Karine Bacon

Karine is a renowned artist based in Cheshire, who got in touch with us to enquire about the possibility of a collaboration between our neon expertise and her creativity. She brought in her own wooden panels, which she had designed outside our studios, then liaised with Tony on how she could best achieve the neon effect needed for the piece. We then highlighted particular panels with neon light, as she desired. We think the final piece is pretty stunning.


As experienced neon artists, we are often asked to produce signs for the most iconic brands. This collection was created for London based brewing company Meantime, who required branded neon signs to install in pubs that serve their famous beers. The result perfectly encapsulates Meantime’s cool, classy brand, and we’ve even sent one of these designs overseas to Asahi beer in France. If you haven’t yet tried any of the award-winning craft beers produced by Meantime, we really can’t recommend them enough!

Manchester Bee

This wonderful design was created for the We Love Manchester emergency fund, set up after this year’s shocking attack on Manchester Arena. We’re proud to say that we managed to raise £4,000 for the campaign, through selling raffle tickets to win the bee. This is a really lovely sign, created with the classic hardworking Manchester bee design in mind.

Lindfield Coffee Works

This is a creation that we were particularly proud of this year. The simple but dramatic colour choices work in perfect harmony with the chosen font. We also worked hard with the client to create a result that incorporated her own ideas – the stunning contrast between the background and the lettering itself was a creative choice that came completely from our client.

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