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Making Sure You’re Buying Reputable, Genuine Neon

May 15, 2018 3 min read

Many of us shop online on a regular basis, often buying things we need and want from the internet. However, it can come with risks if you haven’t done your homework. We’ve all heard horror stories about a friend of a friend who ordered something online and they received something completely different.

More often than not, your online shopping experience will be smooth and positive; it’s such a common thing now that many companies have worked hard to get it right. The problem is that there are still some companies out there who are spoiling it for everyone else.

Working in neon signs means that we deal with online enquiries, but it’s so important to communicate properly with the customer to make sure their neon creation is perfect. Internet-based companies can carry a lot of risk, so make sure you can find a contact number or even a UK-based address to check their credibility.

Buying from the right people
At Neon Creations, we strive to make sure that all our neon signs meet our customers’ requests and we work with delivery services to make sure they arrive in one piece. Our glass benders aren’t hobbyists; they are experienced crafts people who have perfected their skill over many years. Unfortunately, there are other companies out there who don’t take such precautions with neon lights. This means that some customers out there have ended up with badly-made signs.

From signs not working properly, to being misspelled and even signs never turning up, we’ve heard it all. That’s why we want to make sure you’re buying the right product from the right people.
It’s so important to make sure you know where your neon sign is coming from; where are they based, and can you get hold of them easily? If your sign is being shipped from overseas, be aware that there is a higher risk of breakage in transit, and it could take longer to get spare or replacement parts sent over. You might also miss out on that valuable knowledge of how to set up and install your sign.

At Neon Creations, we can guarantee against breakage and we have the capacity to rectify any problems quickly, thanks to being based in the UK. We also do not expect customers to fit spare neon parts themselves!

Buying the right product
We have also seen an increase of people looking for ‘LED neon’. This is incredibly important, as there is no such thing. LED and neon are both very different materials to work. If you come across an LED neon sign, you are buying an LED sign, with no neon in sight.

If you want genuine neon for your new piece of art, look no further than our custom-made neon signs and lights. We can ensure that your neon sign has been made in-house by our reputable team, with no errors or poorly designed parts! All signs should be CE marked and conform to British Standards, as well as the IET Writing Regulations, which we work very hard to make sure of.
All we want is for you to enjoy your online shopping experience and make sure you’re being smart about the products you purchase. After all, there’s nothing worse than opening up your package and realising it’s something completely different! Contact us for all of your neon art!