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New year, New Neon Creation – How Neon Can Work in Your Home

December 23, 2017 2 min read

2017 was an exciting year for interiors, seeing the Scandi and minimalist trends begin to develop with the introduction of colour and texture. Bold contrasts between whites and electric blues, pinks and yellows were seen, as well as the meteoric rise of millennial pink.

We also saw furnishings begin to work harder, often having multiple functions or offering versatile styles. No longer a decoration reserved for bars or shops, neon signs are one trend that we’re expecting to see more of in 2018. They offer a playful, bold look that can brighten up any interior, as well as showcasing personality.

Light boxes and unique lighting have slowly been on the rise, and there’s a certain quality, style and functionality that a bespoke neon sign can add to a room. Read on and find out how neon can work in your home in the new year.

Accentuate an area

Neon lighting is a great way to create separate zones in a room, while enabling it to still feel light and open. This can be simply achieved by placing relevant slogans, words or phrases above certain areas. For example, a pink neon light above a bar trolley that reads ‘cheers’ will create the feeling of a separate space for the rest of the room.

This can work particularly well in open plan spaces or rooms with multiple uses, creating a focal point that subtly reminds you of an area’s purpose. This use of neon signs can also help accentuate an area’s purpose, creating calm spaces, as well as playful ones. For a fashion-forward approach to neon lighting, opt for a white or cream neon light that spells ‘read’ above your favourite armchair and bookcase to create a stylish reading nook.

Create a striking alternative to artwork

If you struggle to decide on artwork for your walls, consider creating your own with a bespoke neon sign. Enabling you to channel your inner artist without having to lift a paintbrush, you can decide on an illustration, shape or text that will embrace your personality. This looks amazing in interiors, helping to create a look that represents your identity, as well as showing guests that you’re not afraid to go against the grain. Be warned – you may find them wanting to steal your style!

Replace the bedside light

Neon lighting is the perfect example of the brilliance that can happen when style meets functionality. Perfect for adding extra light to a room, you can place neon signs in specific areas as an alternative to standard lights. A neon sign above a bed in a warm white shade makes a chic replacement to a bedside lamp, enabling you to read at night, with the added perk of helping you to save space.

Feeling inspired? Update your home with a bespoke neon sign and find your perfect style here, or get in touch with us today.