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Neon Art for the Home

January 30, 2018 2 min read

If you’re a fan of Tracey Emin’s fabulous neon artwork, you’ll know that neon has been having a resurgence in the contemporary art world. But now this exciting light form is entering our homes, too, with affordable statement pieces designed to add illumination and interest to any bare wall.

Making neon work in your home

Whether your style is minimalist, traditionalist or maximalist, there’s a piece of neon art that will work in your home. Take your inspiration from Robert Irwin’s linear light installations, or let a piece of neon sculpture add a contemporary edge to classic decor. For romantics and party animals alike, an Eminesque phrase or saying picked out in neon is the smart way to bring this design trend into your home.

The really exciting thing about neon art is that you can use it anywhere. From a semi-ironic diner sign in the kitchen to a softly glowing heart in the bedroom, neon opens up a huge range of decorating possibilities in your home.

Create a feature wall

Custom neon signs work best when you use them to create a fabulous feature wall. Choose your life mantra, a significant date or even a perfect memory that makes you feel good and immortalise it in neon for a personal take on Tracey Emin’s artworks. Choose a rich gold and you’ll infuse the entire room with warming vibes.

Integrate your neon sign with other, more natural, textures like wooden shelving and living plants to create a very contemporary twist on the green wall. You can even add your neon sign to an existing artwork or family photograph, or frame it with neon light for a smart modern twist on the traditional. And nothing beats a neon sign for adding an authentic industrial edge to your decor.

Take your inspiration from anywhere and everywhere and you’ll create a piece of neon art that is innovative, eye-catching and uniquely personal.

Be unique

Now neon has crossed over into home decor from art and advertising, it’s easy to end up with a generic piece that might look fabulous but doesn’t reflect you or your personal style. That’s when you need custom neon signs that translate your design ideas into a stunning personal work of lighting art for your home.

At Neon Creations we specialise in creating bespoke signs based on your thoughts, ideas and treasured memories. Whether you need an inspirational quote for the home office, a pink flamingo for the bathroom, or a special memory captured in neon, we can create a customised sign that will be totally unique, so why not contact us today and we’ll be happy to communicate our passion for neon to you?