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Choosing the Perfect Business Neon Signs

August 30, 2019 3 min read

Having a neon sign for your business might not sound like it should be on your to-do list, but you’d be surprised at how it can transform the appearance of your business and uplift the morale of your staff.

Whether you work in an office building, retail space or restaurant, a neon sign provides a unique addition to your décor. With the chance to have it personalised, investing in a neon sign for your business can cheer up even the dreariest of corporate buildings!

Here we offer some top tips on how to choose the right neon sign for your business, including design suggestions, what purpose it can serve and where to put it for maximum exposure! Read our blog on making an Instagrammable business space using neon lights.

Choosing the right neon design

Choosing the right design for your neon sign is the most important, and exciting, part. You have a number of options when it comes to deciding on a theme or design, especially for a business neon sign.

Do you simply just want to display your business logo or name for a colourful addition to your office? This can be a straightforward, effective design to be placed anywhere in your office or other building. Find out more about our custom-made neon signs.

Or perhaps you would prefer an inspirational or motivational quote to keep your staff going on those tough days. This can help to provide some subtle positivity into every day, and offer a helping hand when that Friday afternoon is dragging!

Another idea is to simply have some artwork created that relates your business. This can add a colourful motif to any area of your business, brightening up the space.

What can a neon sign do for your business?

Having a neon sign for your business can do a lot more than just add some colour, although that’s a great reason to invest in one! Depending on the design of your neon sign, it can have a number of different purposes.

As mentioned earlier, the right sign can motivate your staff and give that little boost for a Monday morning.

If you work in a bar, restaurant, hotel or retail, you may want to consider neon lighting that advertises something or offers direction. For instance, if you have a consistent happy hour, why not let everyone know in bright neon above the bar? Perhaps you want a more exciting way to signpost the changing rooms in your retail store, or the toilets in your restaurant! It may sound like such a trivial part of your business but it is these areas that could be the most important to your customers.

Where should you display your neon sign?

The beauty of a neon sign is that it’s guaranteed to be noticed, wherever you put it. However, you may want to consider the most relevant position, or where it will get the most exposure. You may want to ensure your new neon sign is the focal point of the room, or you might prefer to use to entice customers from outside.

Neon signs placed in the window of a business can often be beneficial for increasing footfall, with a bright sign to catch the attention of passers-by.

If you work in an office block, it’s likely that you’ll get more satisfaction out of your neon sign with it hanging on a wall for employees to see. Consider the lobby of your office building, or on the main floor of the office.

If you really want to add a wow factor to your place of work, consider neon signs in the toilets. Yes, it may sound odd; but for bars and restaurants in particular, having impressive toilets is quickly becoming a must-have feature!

For more inspiration for neon signs for businesses, get in touch with us and let us help bring your ideas to life!