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40 Neon Sign

Celebrate in style with our 40 neon sign, created in vibrant green and white on a fun holographic background. Whether you're celebrating your birthday or hosting a themed event, our 40 neon sign is the perfect decorative addition to the space. The sign is housed in an acrylic case so it's easy to hang and switch on!

  • Material: Circles in reflective vinyl. Acrylic case with black background.
  • Flash: This sign has the option to flash on and off, or be on all the time. 
  • Colour: Green & White
  • Size: 750mm x 500mm
  • Weight: 7kg

Our neon signs are the real deal and are made from glass tubing.

Real glass neon is more elegant looking than its LED alternatives, as real neon offers 360 degree light around the tube.

Neon signs contain either neon gas, or a combination of neon and argon gas, both which are harmless inert gases that our found in the air that we breathe.

Neon signs are not expensive to run. A typical size of neon sign that would be used in a home or business for decorative or branding purposes, will cost £60 or less per year to run, which is approx 16p per day.

Neon signs do not get hot and are completely safe to use in both businesses and homes.

Neon signs are fully recyclable, unlike their LED alternatives which end up in landfill.

You may have come across the term ‘LED neon sign’, but there is actually no such thing – it is either a neon sign (as described above) or an LED sign, which is made from plastic / silicone and LED lights. If it doesn’t contain gas in the sign, then it isn’t a neon sign!