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Why Is Neon Making an Endangered Craft?

February 22, 2023 3 min read

Neon making is a traditional craft that has a lot of history behind it. Neon is an art form, a craft that some people spend their lives perfecting, but the art of neon glass bending is on the Heritage Crafts Association Red List of endangered crafts. This is partly due to the emergence of cheaper LED lighting (buy cheap, you buy twice!), and also due to the fact that you can’t go to college or gain a qualification in neon glass bending, it's all taught on the job, and the skill is not being passed on anymore.

This is why this blog post is dedicated to showcasing the importance of neon and why authentic, handmade neon cannot be replicated. 


The Red List of Endangered Crafts

The Heritage Crafts Association Red List is a list of historic arts and crafts that have been neglected. What this means is that these heritage crafts are at risk of dying out, as there is not enough investment in keeping these traditional crafts alive. 

Neon making in particular is endangered due to the fact you can’t learn the art unless you work in the industry. There is no place where you can learn the craft of neon sign making, putting the future of neon in danger. 

As passionate neon makers ourselves, we encourage where we can for people to take an interest in neon art and everything authentic, handcrafted neon has to offer! 

The importance of neon

Making real neon signs is an artwork that takes a long time to perfect. The quality of authentic neon signs is unmatched due to the unique nature of the creation process. If high quality and originality is important to you then investing in real neon signs is well worth it.

In order to keep the craft of neon alive, investing in real neon signs is the way to go. 

Neon v LED

Neon light and LED light may appear similar to the untrained eye, but there are huge differences between the two. LED flex signs are made from light emitting diodes which are mounted onto a strip and covered with a clear PVC or silicone sleeveNeon signs are meticulously handcrafted from glass tubes that are heated up in a flame and then bent to shape. Neon signs contain inert gases – either neon or argon, or a combination of the two. Neon signs are much higher quality then LED signs and its why companies will often falsely advertise their LED signs as neon signs, leading to most people thinking LED and neon are the same thing when they actually are not."

Why investing in neon is worth it

Like many traditional crafts, the modern world has found easier ways to cut around the corners to achieve somewhat similar results. But when large companies mass produce LED signs, the customers lose out on the quality and craftsmanship it takes to make a real, one-of-a-kind, neon sign.

Here at Neon Creations, we make personalised neon signs that are made with love, passion, and intense care. Each and every one of our neon signs is unlike the other and that is because of the glass tube bending process involved. Each curve and bend to a neon sign is made meticulously from hand. This is why no two neon signs are truly the same. 

When you choose an authentic neon sign you’re choosing a piece of art that is unlike anything else in existence. This is why it’s well worth investing in handmade neon as it keeps this unique craft alive.

Iconic neon use

It’s no secret that neon has a rich history. A good deal of iconic scenery wouldn’t be what it is today without neon. Take Las Vegas for example, the neon signs are a staple to the place. The iconic neon signs that make up Las Vegas can never be emulated by LEDs. There is something so unique and important about the art of neon and the history behind it.

To conclude, neon making is an enjoyable craft that produces incredibly unique and special results. It’d be a real shame for this kind of art to die out. In order to keep the industry alive and thriving it’s important to invest in the art of neon.

If you have any questions at all then feel free to contact our team today. To truly get an insight into how neon is created, why not sign up to our neon sign making workshop?