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Attract Customers Back Into Your Bar This January With Neon

January 20, 2023 2 min read

As the festive period is well and truly over for another year, many hospitality businesses are noticing a decline in customers. If you run a bar, then you’re probably looking for ways to draw your customers back in January. As many people participate in dry January, this could be a difficult task at hand! But sometimes, you just need the right advertising at your disposal. 

This is where neon bar signs come into the picture. This blog post is all about how neon can help get people back into your bar after the festive period ends. 

The following are 3 effective ways you could do this. 

Advertise live music events 

One way to get people back into your bar this January is through live music! Seeing local artists is a fun night out and guaranteed to attract some attention. If you’re thinking of putting on a gig in your bar then an effective way to advertise this would be through a neon sign

Neon has a rich history in advertising, it’s no secret that neon signs attract attention and draw people in. Advertising live music with a neon sign may be the perfect way to draw your customers back this January. 

Reach out to local artists and event companies to talk about putting a show on. Then, let us take on the task of creating your bar with a custom neon sign!

Advertise your latest deals

Another way neon can help bring people back into your business is through advertising your latest offers. If you have any offers in January to help combat the January blues, a neon sign is an effective way to do this. If you’re having 20% off certain food or drink items for example, make sure passers-by know this! They may be tempted to stop in and enjoy what your bar has to offer.

At Neon Creations, we can either create you a design from scratch or you can take a look at the pre-existing neon we have available to buy.

Your business logo 

Another neon light design to consider this January is having your business’s logo on display for all to see. This is incredibly effective as it lets passers-by know that you’re not only open, but an established bar that can meet their needs. 

We can create a personalised design just for your business that you can hang up in your window. This is bound to capture your customer’s attention and entice them in for a drink or two. 

If you’re interested in designing or hiring a neon sign for your business this year, then do not hesitate to get in touch today. We’d love to help.