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What’s New at Neon Creations?

November 15, 2014 3 min read

While each month we receive a large number of commissions from a wealth of different individuals looking to brighten up their lives with our awe-inspiring neon products, in this latest post we have chosen a selection of last months projects and collated them into the list below. So, here’s what’s new at Neon Creations;

1. Always With Heart

This piece of neon art, “Always With Heart” was commissioned and created for a domestic client to be given as a gift on the weekend that he proposed to his girlfriend as a celebration of their endless love for each other.

The client came to us with an idea of how she wanted the sign to look and a background image that was a photo caricature of the couple together. Once we knew what they were looking for, we put the finishing touches to the design and added the pink neon tubing to the background to bring to life this truly unique and affectionate piece.

2. Welcome To Our Home

“Welcome to our home” was commissioned by a domestic client who wanted a neon sign to become the focal point in the new kitchen of her renovated house. The client decided on the image filmstrip to feature as the background image, then selected three photographs to add into the spaces.

Once we had a firm idea of what our client was looking for, we got to work on the design and layout before adding pink neon tubing to the background.  The finished piece (shown above) will most definitely be a “Welcome to our home” that not many will forget.

Upon receiving the completed neon sign, our client had this to say:

“Robert was close to tears when I unveiled the art, he was thrilled! The kids think it’s cool, so mega brownie points there! All the builders thought it was so great.

“I can’t put into words how delighted I am with the finished product, and the exceptional customer service!

“It looks fab and we’ve already had so many wonderful compliments.

“Tell Tony he was soooo right about the reflections in the floor and kitchen units…I can see the Neon where ever I go!”

 3. Yardbird Mirror Box

“Yardbird” was a commission for Greene King Breweries to feature at their Southern Belle pub in Fulham.

When we were first contacted about this project, the original request was for the Yardbird logo to be made as a neon sign. However, this would mean that the overall size of the sign would need to be massive. Therefore, we suggested that a neon mirror box would be a much better alternative to a sign so that it would be easier to mount and transport, to which the client was extremely happy with the finished piece.


“GUILTY”  was a commission for Guilty By Association (GBA) in Manchester to freshen up the entrance to their basement bar.

Based on Lever Street in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter, the sign needed to stand out and catch peoples’ eyes at night as they pass-by to attract them into the bar. The client came to us with the problem that the entrance wasn’t obvious enough, so we found them a solution that’s sure to captivate the streets of Manchester.

The picture above shows the sign after it had just been created, with the picture below demonstrating the neon sign in-situ.

5. Milly

“Milly” was, again, commissioned by a domestic client but this piece was for her daughters’ birthday.

As is the case with many of our clients, everyone would love to see their name in lights; which is exactly what made this sign such a unique and timeless gift. We developed the design for this based on the idea that we received from our client, with some aspects being similar in style to ones that we have made in the past but with a distinctive twist for the birthday girl.

This is certainly not your ‘run of the Mill(y)’ Neon Creation!

6. Team JC


Yet another commission by a domestic client, “Team JC”, was a piece that we made for our clients’ neon themed wedding day.

As we knew that this was for a wedding, we worked very closely with them to ensure that the design for the sign perfectly matched the brides handwriting. In order to do this, we asked our client to submit their own handwriting/drawing for us to recreate and transform into this colourful and artistic piece.

Hopefully, it didn’t divert anyone’s attention away from the ceremony!

Well, this concludes our list of most recent Neon Creations commissions but watch this space for future coverage of our neon lights, signs and artwork. Contact us for all personalised neon signs.