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Open #TheGarageDoor and discover something new!

November 22, 2014 2 min read

Here at Neon Creations, we thrive off the creativity and innovative nature of our clients’ brands by creating unique artwork that will become an iconic fixture within their businesses for many years to come. The electrical excitation of our bespoke neon signs provide a colourful and radiant projection of our clients’ brands and are designed to capture the attention of those who witness its captivating glow.


On the subject of bespoke neon signs and with this in mind, we turn our attentions to one of our most recent commissions for Music-News.com, which features in their brand new online series #TheGarageDoor. This series aims to provide a diverse platform for undiscovered musical talent, as well as giving established artists the opportunity to create fresh, exciting and quality new content for their personal fanbase.

Series One of #TheGarageDoor is now live through their YouTube music channel, with the impending release of a highly-anticipated second series currently being documented across their social channels and set for launch on December 1st.

Shown above is M.O’s rendition of Clean Bandits dance chart-topping “No Place I’d Rather Be”, mixed with Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”; demonstrating the dire need for an online stage where underground talent can excel, gain exposure and satisfy their audiences’ musical cravings.

Shown below is a video of beat-boxer Intensi-T giving a unique rendition of Disclosure’s massive hit, “White Noise”, remixed with hip-hop classic “Still” by Dr. Dre, as a prime example of the raw talent that #TheGarageDoor strives to publicise.

Boasting figures of over 1.3 million unique monthly visitors, Music-News.com requested a visually-striking neon sign from us to appear behind the artists and illuminate the studio as they performed. The effects of this were breathtaking and it has since received much praise from the artists that have attended the exclusive recording studio.


The gleaming feedback that we received from the client is a reward in itself for us, as we take much pride in everything that we produce so knowing that our Neon Creations is exactly what our clients are looking for is great. Here’s what Music-News had to say;

“It (the neon sign) has received such a great reaction, the artists absolutely loved it and we’re taking lots of pics with it which was great for our branding on social media and it also looks great on our footage.

“Thank you so much for the incredible work you guys did with the sign and also for the speed! We are so grateful!”

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