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Update Your Office Space with Neon

December 21, 2018 3 min read

We spend a huge portion of our lives at work, so it’s important that we enjoy it and get the most out of it! Creating a positive work environment is crucial, whether it’s the right amount of natural light, or decorating your desk with stimulating and productive objects. A happy workspace creates happy staff, so it’s in your best interests to ensure your office is updated and decorated in the best way.

Offices that are very visual have been shown to show increased levels of productivity and morale amongst colleagues, so spending some time on your décor is an important part of designing your workspace. One such way of doing this is to use neon. Neon signs for your office are perfect for giving the space a makeover. To give you some inspiration, here are some ways neon can enhance your office décor.

Modernise your office

Nothing motivates staff more than having an energising, modern office space to work in. The décor of your office plays an important role in the morale of your workforce, so keeping it up to date is key.

Neon signs may have been a retro feature in the past, but they’ve now become incredibly modern again. Choosing to install neon signs for your office can breathe new life into the space, adding a contemporary piece of artwork to your walls. The colour and style of neon sign you choose is up to you, but it can instantly modernise your office and create a much more interesting environment to work in.

Add branding elements

Adding neon signs for your office can help to solidify your branding and your image. By having your logo or other similar branding elements up on the wall, or in the entrance area to your office, you can send out a strong message to both staff and clients who walk through your door.

Whether it’s the company slogan or something even more creative, add branding elements to your office through neon. Not only will this make it clear what company you are, it can also serve as a reminder of your business values to your staff and create some extra motivation. Following this concept might even drum up some more advertising for you and reinforce your brand message to others.

Brighten up the space

The unique glow of neon can really make a visual impact and create a statement within your office. Whether your office benefits from lots of natural light or not, adding neon signs for your office can instantly brighten up your office. Neon is inimitable and you’d be hard-pressed to find something that creates such a pop of light, no matter how big or small your office might be.

The range of colours available now mean that you can match your new neon sign to your office’s existing interiors, making it even easier to choose the perfect neon signs for your office. You can have a neon sign custom made to suit your needs exactly, ensuring it’s the perfect bright piece to complete your office.

Create a cool work environment

At the end of the day, neon has a real wow factor that is difficult to achieve through other means. Offices can quickly become so corporate that it’s important to remember you need something that injects a bit of fun into the office environment. A neon sign is a small addition that can make a huge difference to the appearance of your office, as well as the morale of staff and the general vibe from day to day.

Having that visual stimulation is key for productivity and creativity; neon signs can provide staff with a cool, nostalgic decoration element that never gets old. Here are some more top tips for an office makeover.

Check out our gallery of branded neon signs for inspiration, or get in touch with us to see what we could create for your office!