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Top Tips for An Office Makeover

September 17, 2020 3 min read

As more of life continues to get back to normal, there may be many of you who are reopening your offices to gradually welcome back your employees. No matter what industry you work in, it’s important that your office is a welcoming, comfortable and motivating place to be. After all, without happy and hardworking staff, what would you achieve?

If you’ve been away from the office for months, here are some top tips to make sure your office welcomes your staff in the best way. 

Add light and colour

It’s important that your office or workspace is an exciting place to be, so get away from the typically mundane white walls, white desks and blue office chairs! Think of new ways you can incorporate different colours into your office, whether it’s on the walls, at reception or on your desks.

Light is also important, including natural light from any windows. This is because it can help your staff to feel awake and motivated! If you’re looking for a way to incorporate both light and colour into your office, look no further than a vibrant neon sign. A neon sign for your office can help staff feel productive and geared up for the day ahead, with motivational quotes and bright colours.


Turn on some background music 

Even if you work in a very corporate environment, having some background music on can really make a difference without being disruptive. Whether it’s in the reception area or on the office floor, why not have a radio or a playlist in the background? 

Not only can music provide a real mood booster, but it can also encourage conservation between staff and get people interacting; even if it happens with social distancing in place! You could even start an office playlist that everyone can contribute to, all the while knowing it might help them get on with their day with a smile on their face.

music neon sign

Have a place to share ideas

The office may operate a little differently these days, especially with social distancing measures still in place, but it doesn’t mean your work has to suffer. Find a way of coming up with creative ideas as a group without breaking any new health and safety rules, whether it’s a corner of the office with plenty of spaced out seating, or even outside if the sun is shining. 

Being able to come up with and share ideas could be crucial to the success of your business, and encouraging teamwork and creativity amongst your team is always a bonus.

Show off your brand

If your office has been shut for months, you might want to re-open with a bit of flair and design. After all, it can be a great reminder for staff and clients alike that you are still here, with a strong brand and great ideas for good measure.

Finding ways of displaying your brand can bring everyone back together, whether it’s your logo, tagline or a motif relating to your industry. Why not have it made in neon, and hang it on the office wall for all to see? Showing off your branding can not only add a visual addition to your workspace, but also help staff to feel part of something.

Mix up your seating arrangements

While you might be sticking to strict distancing between desks, there’s no reason you can’t keep it interesting for your staff! If you previously had your seating arrangement organised by team or managerial level, why not switch it up? Re-jig your seating to place senior managers near new starters or mix departments and watch how your staff socialise with new people in different teams. 

Making sure staff get along and feel comfortable with each other is crucial, so encourage this in the office; after all, it could be a while until you’re able to get a big team night out in the calendar!