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Update Your Home Décor with Neon

September 27, 2018 2 min read

Your home is a representation of your character, your family and your taste in style. We all have different tastes when it come to interior design, but we can bet that each of your homes has a personal touch somewhere; whether it be family photos or mementos from trips or events. You might even have artwork on the walls to add even more style to your rooms.

One such way you can enhance your home décor is to add a neon sign. Neon signs for the home are a beautiful way to modernise any room and often fit in seamlessly with the existing colour scheme or theme you’ve created. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen or living area, neon signs completely transform the way the room looks; adding a cosy, welcoming and personal feel to the space.

If you’ve been thinking of new ways to update your home’s interior, why not consider a neon sign? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Family names

Homes are a very personal space, and you might have pictures hung up of the kids, your wedding day or even professional family portraits. Having your family names up in lights can be a beautiful way of making your home even more special.

Whether it’s yours and your husband’s names to hang in the kitchen, or your child’s name to put in their bedroom to help create their own space, do it in neon for a unique decorative feature.



Meaningful quotes

Neon signs for your home should create a spectacular visual effect, and completely individual to you. Another great idea is to have a phrase or quote that means something to your family unit; even if it doesn’t make any sense to anyone else. This can add sentiment to your décor and make you even happier every time you walk through the door after a long day.



Novelty neon signs

You can have your own custom neon sign that recognise your family in a completely unique way. For example, if your mum is great making cocktails, or your son is dab hand at making homemade pizzas, it’s the start of a great neon sign that becomes a conversation starter for guests! It’s a perfect way to add a bit of fun to your home’s existing décor.


Room-specific signs

Perhaps your dining room is missing the finishing touch, or your bedroom needs some extra colour; a neon sign can be the final piece of the puzzle. Sometimes adding a neon sign can give the room even more of a purpose and demonstrate just how much thought has gone into creating it. We’ve created neon signs specifically for kitchens, games rooms and kids’ playrooms; to name a few! This makes your home décor really pop and allows you to add a personal touch to that individual space. 


Whatever you choose for your home décor, we can create custom signs that are perfectly suited to your needs! Just get in touch with today and see what we can do.