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Top Tips for the Best Event Decorations

July 30, 2021 3 min read

With restrictions gradually coming to an end across the UK, it’s safe to say that businesses and individuals alike are breathing a sigh of relief that things might soon be back to normal. Many of our favourite things are beginning to return, from being able to stand at a bar to attending a large event.

Whether you are an organisation hoping to get back to corporate events, or you’ve been working hard in the background anticipating the return of your annual music festival, it’s time to get things moving again! With that in mind, it’s important to start thinking about event décor and how to make this year’s event the best so far.

Getting back to event planning 

Getting back into planning your events is an exciting prospect, and a relief after the last 18 months or so. There are so many different events to welcome back, including corporate events, trade shows, food and music festivals, workshops, charity events and so on. Many of these simply haven’t been able to go ahead, but the future is now looking much more promising.

When it comes to decorating your event, you’ve no doubt already got a few ideas in mind. However, you might also benefit from a little helping hand in making sure your event looks the part and lives up to your expectations, as well as your visitors’. At Neon Creations, we’re here to make sure you’ve got the perfect decoration for your event.

What to consider when decorating your event 

It’s important to think about how any additional decoration will add to your visitors’ experience at your event, whether it’s outside or inside. Look at your event as if you were a part of the audience, and narrow down what your décor might be missing.

It’s also crucial to think about your budget, as this will impact just how far you can go with your decoration. You have the chance to buy or hire a neon sign from us, offering a solution for every circumstance. Find out more about our neon signs for hire.

Naturally, the theme of your event should drive the type of decoration you opt for. This can help to determine how formal or casual your event should look, and what audience you are hoping to appeal to.


Why choose a neon sign? 

Some of the features that make great decorative elements for any event include light, colour and shape. Without these, the decorations you choose are likely to be unmemorable and won’t catch your visitors’ eye. These three elements in particular are the very foundations of a neon sign, which is why they’re often chosen to help make any sort of event more exciting and interesting!

A neon sign can work just as well for a corporate event as it can for a fun, family weekend event. It creates a fascinating focal point and in some cases will even provide a talking point for your guests too.

In many cases, a neon sign can offer a functional purpose as well as a creative one too. Whether it’s directing people to a certain area of your event or advertising brands that you’re working with, a neon sign does the job perfectly.

So, whatever event you have coming up during the next 12 months, consider a neon sign for your event and what difference it could make to the space. Get in touch to find out more!