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5 Uses for Neon in the Leisure Industry

August 27, 2021 3 min read

Neon signs are the perfect addition to a wide variety of commercial spaces, bringing light, colour and excitement to the walls. From the entrance to the interior, neon signs for the leisure industry in particular can elevate your establishment to the next level.

Many leisure facilities are, by nature, fun and playful places to spend time with friends and family. Whether it’s somewhere to take the children or somewhere for adults to enjoy some R&R, a neon sign could be just the decorative element that’s missing. Here we take a look at just 5 places that would look incredible with a neon sign.

Bowling alley 

Bowling alleys are typically entertaining, bustling places full of children and adults alike, making it a perfect destination to spend a Saturday afternoon or evening. With more and more bowling alleys appearing with unique themes and in-house food and drink, it’s an easy way to while away the hours with some competitive fun.

Adding a neon sign to any bowling alley creates extra visual decoration that perfectly complements the music and lights of the alley, resulting in a great atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

bowling alley neon sign


Cinemas are a great place to switch off from the world for a couple of hours and enjoy the latest big release from Hollywood. With popcorn, sweets and fizzy treats, cinemas are a great opportunity for a neon sign in the lobby area. They can be used to indicate various areas, whether it’s for the pick and mix or the tills.

With many of the mainstream cinemas having a distinct colour scheme, it’s easy to incorporate a fun neon sign that helps set the mood and gets your customers ready for an evening of kicking back with a new film.

cinema neon sign

Games arcade 

Retro games are making a huge comeback lately, which has paved the way for games arcades to be much more popular with children and adults. Whether they’re discovering games for the first time or reliving their youth, games arcades are full of lights, colour and music coming from the various consoles. With that in mind, a neon sign is the missing piece of the puzzle that can add to the sensory experience.

From fun quotes to quirky shapes, the choice of neon signs for a games arcade is huge!

pac-man neon sign 

Golf club

Most golf clubs are smart and very presentable, with the clubhouses often having a bar and even restaurant inside. This can make it a great place to spend an afternoon, whether on your own or in a group. Why not consider brightening up your golf club with a neon sign that welcomes your guests? The right neon sign can help to direct people towards the first tee or even to the bar afterwards. 

A neon sign for a golf club can add a unique, eye-catching detail that could set you apart from other golf clubs in the local area! 

Indoor activity centre 

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, indoor activity centres have it all. Similar to bowling alleys and games arcades, an indoor activity centre could benefit from a bright, exciting neon sign to add a visual element to the space. 

Indoor centres can include anything from rock climbing, soft play centres or trampoline arenas, all of which would look even better with a themed neon sign mounted on the wall.

snake neon sign 

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